Hans von Bülow

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Hans Guido von Bülow was one of the inventors of the archetype of the star conductor; he was probably the first to become a star musician interpreting the orchestral music of others. He had early piano…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Poems (5) by Richard Pohl, for choir Choral
Paraphrase for piano of the quintet from Act III of Wagner's Meistersinger Keyboard
Valses caractéristique (3) for piano, Op.18 Keyboard
Carnevale di Milano, dances & intermezzi for piano, Op. 21 1871 Keyboard
Ballade for piano, Op. 11 1854 Keyboard
Mazurka-Impromptu, for piano, Op. 4 1855 Keyboard
Mazurka Fantaisie Miscellaneous (Classical)
Lieder (5), for voice & piano, Op. 5 1857 Vocal Music
Elfenjagd, impromptu for piano, Op. 14 1860 Keyboard
Vorspiel to Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, transcription for piano (after Wagner) Keyboard
Reverie Fantastique for piano, Op.7 1852 Keyboard
Marche héroïque, for piano, Op. 3 1853 Keyboard
Arabesques sur un theme de l'opera Rigoletto, Op. 2 Keyboard
Königsmarsch, for piano, Op. 28 1880 Keyboard
Tarantella for piano, Op 19 Keyboard
Invitation à la Polka, for piano, Op. 6 1855 Keyboard
Nirwana, for orchestral fantasy, Op. 20 1866 Orchestral
Des Sängers Fluch, Op. 16 Orchestral
Lieder (3), for voice & piano, Op. 30 1884 Vocal Music
Chant Polonais (alla Mazurka), for piano, Op. 12 Keyboard
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