Gunther Schuller

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Gunther Schuller was probably the greatest friend jazz ever had from the classical world. A jazz devotee from the beginning, he was the most outspoken advocate of a fusion between elements of European…
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Year Title
1959 Abstraction, for 9 instruments Chamber Music
1983 Alto Saxophone Concerto Concerto Concerto
1996 An Arc Ascending, for orchestra Orchestral
1985 Bassoon Concerto Concerto Concerto
Blue Dawn Into White Heat, for wind ensemble Chamber Music
1993 Brass Quintet No.2 Chamber Music Brass Quintet
1989 Chamber Symphony Orchestral Symphony
1959 Concertino for jazz quartet & orchestra Concerto
Concertino for oboe Concerto Concertino
Concerto for Double Bass Concerto
1985 Concerto for orchestra No.3 "Farbenspiel" Concerto Concerto
1989 Concerto for piano 3-hands, for 2 pianists & orchestra Concerto Concerto
1984 Concerto quarternio for violin, flute, oboe, trumpet & orchestra Concerto Concerto
1978 Contrabassoon Concerto Concerto Concerto
1962 Densities No.1, for clarinet, harp, vibraphone & double bass Chamber Music
1962 Duets for unaccompanied horns Chamber Music
1949 Duo Sonata, for clarinet & bass clarinet Chamber Music Sonata
1983 Duologue, 4 characteristic pieces for violin & piano Chamber Music
Early Songs (6) Vocal Music Song
1980 Eine Kleine Posaunenmusik for trombone & chamber ensemble Orchestral
2000 Fantasia Impromptu, for flute & harpsichord Chamber Music
1951 Fantasy for cello solo, Op. 19 Chamber Music Fantasy
1994 Fantasy Suite for guitar Chamber Music
1973 Five Moods for tuba quartet Chamber Music Quartet
1988 Flute Concerto Concerto Concerto
2005 Grand Concerto, for percussion ensemble, celeste, piano & harp Concerto Concerto
Hommage à Frederick Delius Chamber Music
1944 Horn Concerto No. 1 Concerto Concerto
1990 Impromptus and Cadenzas for winds & strings Chamber Music Impromptu
1981 In Praise of Winds, for band (Symphony No. 3) Band Music
Interlude (featuring a tuba cadenza) Chamber Music
Interlude for chamber ensemble Chamber Music
interlude for violin & chamber ensemble Chamber Music
Interlude for woodwinds, horns & solo cello Chamber Music
1962 Journey Into Jazz, for narrator, jazz quintet & orchestra Avant-Garde Music
1947 Jumpin' in the Future Orchestral
1963 Little Brass Music, for trumpet, horn, trombone & tuba Chamber Music
Magnificat (St. Thomas Service) Choral Magnificat
1993 Marimbology, for marimba Chamber Music
1963 Meditation, for concert band Band Music
Modulation (Trumpet imitating a banjo) Chamber Music
Modulatory Interlude, for 3 cornets & chamber ensemble Chamber Music
1961 Music for brass quintet Chamber Music Brass Quintet
1962 Night Music for jazz quintet Chamber Music Quintet
1943 Nocturne, for horn & piano Chamber Music
Nunc Dimittis (St. Thomas Service) Choral Magnificat
1979 Octet for winds & strings Chamber Music
1993 Of Reminiscences and Reflections for orchestra Orchestral
1984 On Light Wings, for piano, violin, viola & cello Chamber Music
1989 On Winged Flight: Divertimento for Band Band Music Divertimento
1994 Organ Concerto Concerto Concerto
1994 The Past is in the Present Orchestral
1989 Phantasmata for violin and marimba Chamber Music
1962 Piano Concerto No. 1 Concerto Concerto
1952 Pieces (5) for 5 horns Chamber Music
1958 Quartet for cellos ("Fantasy Quartet") Chamber Music Quartet
1947 Quartet for double basses Chamber Music Quartet
1954 Recitative and Rondo for violin & piano Chamber Music Rondo
Sandpoint Rag Keyboard Rag
Sextet for bassoon, string quartet & piano Chamber Music
Small Adventures (3), for marimba Chamber Music
1941 Sonata for clarinet, horn & piano ("Romantic Sonata") Chamber Music Sonata
1988 Sonata for horn & piano Chamber Music
1948 Sonata for oboe & piano Chamber Music Sonata
1992 Sonata-Fantasia for piano Keyboard
1990 Song and Dance, for violin & large wind enemble Concerto
1975 Soundscapes (4) for orchestra Orchestral
1958 Spectra, for orchestra Orchestral
1966 String quartet No 2 Chamber Music Quartet
1986 String Quartet No. 3 Chamber Music Quartet
1959 Seven Studies on Themes of Paul Klee, for orchestra Orchestral Etude
1945 Suite for woodwind ensemble Chamber Music Suite
1957 Symbiosis for violin, piano & percussion Chamber Music
1947 Symphonic Study for orchestra Orchestral
1965 Symphony 1965 Symphony Symphony
1950 Symphony for brass & percussion, Op 16 Orchestral Symphony
1966 Tear Drop, television score Film Score Television Score
1957 Transformation, for 11 instruments Chamber Music
1948 Trio for oboe, horn & viola Chamber Music
1984 Trio for piano, violin & cello Chamber Music
1990 A Trio Setting, for violin, clarinet & piano Chamber Music
1967 Triplum No.1 for orchestra Orchestral Open Form
1942 Trois Hommages Chamber Music
1979 Trumpet Concerto Concerto Concerto
2008 Tuba Concerto No. 2 Concerto Concerto
1960 Variants for jazz quartet & orchestra Avant-Garde Music
1945 Vertige d'Eros, for orchestra Orchestral
1985 Viola Concerto Concerto Concerto
1952 Woodwind Quintet (1952) Chamber Music Wind Quintet
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