Gregg Smith

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This noted conductor and gifted composer contributed greatly to the development of contemporary music through the formation of his chamber choir and other musical activities. Smith enrolled at the University…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Good Cheer, for male chorus, harp & strings Choral
Miniatures from Adirondack Children's Songs, for children's chorus & piano Choral
The Story-Teller, opera Opera
The Dream-Eater, opera Opera
Steps, for voice & guitar 1975 Vocal Music
Now I Walk in Beauty, for choir Choral
Double Sonata for violin, voice & piano Vocal Music
Prayer for Peace 1986 Vocal Music
Peter Quince at the Clavier, for voice & piano Vocal Music
Sound Canticle on Bay Psalm 23, for choir Choral
Rip Van Winkle, opera Opera
Magnificat for soloist, chorus & orchestra Choral
Spring Songs, for soprano, children's chorus & orchestra (or 2 pianos) Choral
Fear Not Good Shepherds, for choir Choral
Songs of Innocence, for children's choir, piano, 4 hands & optional flute & clarinet 1969 Choral
Fallen Angels, for voice, clarinet & piano 1998 Vocal Music
Legend: The Lion and the Unicorn, for soprano, chorus, violin & piano 1964 Choral
A Boy and His False Alarms, for vocal quartet & piano, 4 hands 1979 Vocal Music
Adirondack Children's Songs, for children's chorus & piano Choral
Mark Twain Cantata Choral
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