Giovanni Gabrieli

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Giovanni Gabrieli is an important transitional figure between the Renaissance and Baroque eras and their associated musical styles.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
O magnum mysterium, motet for 8 voices Choral
Sacrae Symphoniae: No. 2: Canzon septimi toni, for 8 parts, C. 172 Chamber Music
Sacrae Symphoniae: No. 6: Sonata pian e forte for 8 parts, C. 176 Chamber Music
Work(s) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Jubilate Deo, motet for 8 voices (1597), C. 16 Choral
Canzon No. 2, for 4 parts, C. 187 Chamber Music
Canzon No. 1 ("La Spiritata"), for 4 parts, C. 186 Chamber Music
Sacrae Symphoniae: No. 1: Canzon primi toni, for 8 parts, C. 171 Chamber Music
Canzoni (unclassified) Chamber Music
Canzon, for 12 parts, C. 193 Chamber Music
Sonata No. 21 ("con tre violini"), for 4 or 5 parts Chamber Music
In Ecclesiis, motet for 14 voices Choral
Canzon No. 1, for 5 parts, C. 195 Chamber Music
Canzon No. 8, for 8 parts, C. 202 Chamber Music
Sacrae Symphoniae: No. 15: Sonata octavi toni for 12 parts, C. 185 Chamber Music
Canzon No. 28 ("Sol sol la sol fa mi"), for 8 parts, C. 191 Chamber Music
Canzon No. 16, for 12 parts, C. 209 Chamber Music
Sonata No. 18, for 14 parts Chamber Music
Buccinate in neomenia tuba, motet for 19 voices Choral
Canzoni et Sonate (1615) Chamber Music
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