Giovanni Allevi

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Though conventional wisdom would state that no one can serve two masters, Italian piano sensation Giovanni Allevi maintains an impressive career in music and continues to distinguish himself in the field…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Prendimi, for orchestra Orchestral
Come sei veramente, for orchestra Orchestral
L'ape e il fiore, for piano Keyboard
Facoltà di filosofia, for piano Keyboard
300 anelli, for orchestra Orchestral
Anelli, for piano Keyboard
Angelo ribelle, for orchestra Orchestral
Carta e penna, for piano Keyboard
Improvviso for piano No. 1 Keyboard
Il nuotatore, for piano Keyboard
Stella, for piano Keyboard
Keep moving, for orchestra Orchestral
Scherzo for piano No. 1 Keyboard
Cassetto, for piano Keyboard
Foglie di Beslan, for orchestra Orchestral
Sogno di Bach, for piano Keyboard
Parole, for piano Keyboard
A perfect day, for orchestra Orchestral
Room 108, for piano Keyboard
Corale, for orchestra Orchestral
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