George Perle

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George Perle was an American composer who forged his own highly personal style from Arnold Schoenberg's twelve-tone system. Using some of the basic features from serial methodology, Perle combined them…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Sonnets to Orpheus (from Songs of Praise and Lamentation), for chorus 1974 Choral
Celebratory Inventions (6) for piano 1981 Keyboard
Lyric Intermezzo for piano 1987 Keyboard
Concertino for piano, winds & timpani 1979 Concerto
Wind Quintet No. 4 1984 Chamber Music
Serenade for piano & orchestra No. 3 1983 Concerto
Monody 2 for solo double bass 1964 Chamber Music
Preludes (6) for piano, Op. 20b 1946 Keyboard
Modal Suite for piano 1940 Keyboard
Lyric Piece for cello & piano, Op 21 Chamber Music
Hebrew Melodies, for solo cello 1945 Chamber Music
Ballade for piano 1981 Keyboard
Triptych, for violin & piano 2002 Chamber Music
Short sonata for piano Keyboard
Chansons Cachées, for piano 1997 Keyboard
Piano Concerto No. 2 1992 Concerto
New Etudes (6) for piano 1984 Keyboard
Anniversary Variations on a Theme of Reicha: Var. 2: Four Variations, for wind quintet (part of collaborative work) Chamber Music
Two French Christmas Carols, for choir 1958 Choral
Nine Bagatelles for piano 1999 Keyboard
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