Fred Estby


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Year Album Artist
2013 Goin' Under Black Trip Engineer, Mixing
2013 Maximum Rock 'n' Roll '77 Guest Artist, Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals (Background)
2011 The World. The Flesh. The Devil In Solitude Producer, Mixing
2010 Beyond the Threshold of Death Lifeless Composer, Lyricist
2010 Death Suits You Mr. Death Mixing
2010 With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness/Live in Groningen At the Gates Recording
2009 Axe to Fall Converge Engineer
2009 B-Sides and Rarities 1994-2005 Gluecifer Mixing
2008 Exhumed: The Best of Grave Grave Engineer, Mixing
2008 The Worms of God Comecon Engineer, Mixing
2007 Monsters of Death, Vol. 2 Composer
2006 Dismember Tony Naima Composer
2006 God That Never Was Dismember Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Member of Attributed Artist, Drums, Composer
2006 Stinking Up the Night Death Breath Screams
2005 Complete Demos Dismember Drums
2005 Cream of the Crap!, Vol. 2 The Hellacopters Engineer, Mixing
2004 Brave Yester Days Katatonia Engineer
2004 Live Blasphemies Dismember Drums, Composer
2004 Where Ironcrosses Grow Dismember Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Member of Attributed Artist, Drums, Composer
2003 Seven Deadly Sins Daemon Producer, Screams
2002 Cream of the Crap!, Vol. 1 The Hellacopters Engineer, Mixing
2002 Grand Magus Grand Magus Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mellotron
2002 The EP Compilation Refused Engineer
2002 Where Only the Seasons Mark the Paths of Time/At The World of Untrodden Wonder Thy Primordial Engineer
2001 Born to Raise Head: Tribute to GG Allin Drums
2001 Volume One Zebulon Engineer, Mixing
2000 Cape Canaria Zebulon Engineer, Mixing
2000 Fuck You Weasel Face Producer
2000 Gearfest Engineer, Mixing
2000 Get the Horn Gluecifer Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2000 Go Go Racing! The Burnouts Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2000 Hate Campaign Dismember Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Drums, Group Member, Composer
2000 Inhale 420: The Stoner Rock Compilation Engineer
2000 Terra Firma Terra Firma Engineer, Mixing
2000 Uprising Entombed Engineer, Drums, Drum Engineering, Mixing
1999 Black Juju Entombed Engineer
1999 Five Wheel Drive Misdemeanor Mixing
1999 In the Groove, Vol. 1 Engineer, Mixing
1999 Never Give In: A Tribute to Bad Brains Engineer, Mixing
1999 Payin' the Dues The Hellacopters Assistant Engineer
1999 Same Difference Entombed Engineer, Mixing
1999 Songs from the Sewer The Sewergrooves Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1999 Speedcore Loftgroover Producer
1999 Thyrfing Thyrfing Engineer, Audio Engineer
1998 Decibel Rebel Gehennah Producer, Engineer, Vocals
1998 Discouraged Ones Katatonia Engineer
1998 Everyday Slaughter Disfear Producer, Engineer
1998 The Twisted Rule the Wicked Face Down Engineer
1998 Viejo Diablo Roachpowder Engineer
1997 Darkside Necrophobic Engineer
1997 Death Metal Dismember Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Drums, Mastering, Group Member, Composer
1997 Misanthropic EP Dismember Producer, Engineer, Composer
1997 To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth Entombed Assistant Engineer, Assistant
1997 Traces of Death Composer
1997 Voyager: The Nuclear Blast 10 Year Anniversary Composer
1996 Metalmeister Producer
1996 Swallow the Snake Desultory Producer, Engineer
1995 Massive Killing Capacity Dismember Drums, Group Member, Composer
1995 Plunge Into Oblivion Vermin Producer, Mixing
1995 Traces of Death, Vol. 3: Dead and Buried Composer
1994 Bitterness Desultory Assistant Producer
1994 Sexual Affective Disorder Konkhra Engineer
1994 Soulless Grave Assistant Producer
1994 Spit or Swallow [Diehard] Konkhra Producer, Mixing
1993 Indecent & Obscene Dismember Mixing, Drums, Composer
1993 With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness At the Gates Engineer
1992 Death Is Just the Beginning, Vol. 2 Composer
1992 Pieces Dismember Drums, Composer
1991 Like an Everflowing Stream Dismember Producer, Arranger, Mixing, Drums, Composer
1990 Dark Recollections Carnage Drums
Crust Soup: The Singles Collection 2006-2013 Mary's Kids Engineer, Mixing
Imperial State Electric Imperial State Electric Engineer, Mixing
Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker Robert Pehrsson / Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker Engineer, Mixing, Shaker, Tambourine
Sirens Victims Engineer, Mixing
Sweven Morbus Chron Producer, Engineer
The Crowning Horror Pest Producer, Engineer, Mixing
The Dagger The Dagger Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Organ, Drums, Percussion, Cover Art, Composer