Frank Bridge

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Bridge was a violist and chamber musician early on who first came to prominence as composer through his orchestral tone poem The Sea.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
String Quartet No. 4, H 188 1937 Chamber Music
The Sea, suite for orchestra, H. 100 1910 Orchestral
Summer, tone poem for orchestra, H. 116 1914 Orchestral
Piano Sonata, H. 160 1921 Keyboard
Sonata for cello & piano in D minor, H 125 1913 Chamber Music
Go Not, Happy Day, for voice & piano, H. 34 1903 Vocal Music
Adagio for organ in E major, H. 63/2 1905 Keyboard
Suite for string orchestra, H 93 1908 Orchestral
Love went a-riding, for voice & piano (or orchestra), H 114 1914 Vocal Music
Sir Roger de Coverley, Christmas dance for string orchestra, H 155 1922 Orchestral
Spring Song, for violin (or cello) & piano in G major, H. 104/2 1912 Chamber Music
There Is a Willow Grows Aslant a Brook, for orchestra, H. 173 1927 Orchestral
Phantasy Quartet, for piano quartet in F sharp minor, H. 94 1910 Chamber Music
Cherry Ripe, for string quartet, H 119/2 1916 Chamber Music
Phantasie Trio, for violin, cello & piano in C minor ("Piano Trio No. 1"), H. 79 1907 Chamber Music
Enter Spring, rhapsody for orchestra, H. 174 1926 Orchestral
Allegro Appassionato, for viola & piano in B minor, H. 82 1908 Chamber Music
The Two Hunchbacks, incidental music, H. 95 1910 Orchestral
Sally in Our Alley, for string quartet, H. 119/1 1916 Chamber Music
Quintet for piano & string quartet in D minor, H 49 1904 Chamber Music
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