Fauna Flora

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Subtle, well-written indie pop from Pennsylvania-based quartet let by singer/songwriter Steve Ward.
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See and Be Seen
Pennsylvania indie rock quartet Fauna Flora was formed in 2013 by singer/songwriter Steve Ward. Ward first became known in the late '90s as part of the power pop trio Cherry Twister, and later as a solo artist, releasing two albums, Opening Night and See and Be Seen, in the 2000s. After taking some time off from recording, Ward, along with bassist and longtime collaborator Joe Pisapia, keyboardist Matt Thomas, and drummer Paul Murr, formed a new recording project based on Ward's thoughtful and intricately melodic pop songwriting. Recorded and produced by the band at Ward's barn studio in Marietta, Pennsylvania, Fauna Flora's lushly arranged, self-titled debut was released in April 2014, followed by their first live shows later that summer.