Eric Broyhill


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Year Album Artist
2016 Bloodlines Zack Lopez Mastering
2016 I Had to Go There to Get Here Arthur Jae Mastering
2016 Ivory Colours Mastering
2015 Grow Chon Mastering
2015 Pull the Thorns from Your Heart Senses Fail Mastering
2015 Strange Country Kacy & Clayton Mastering
2014 ††† ††† (Crosses) Mastering
2013 Bloodlines Barbarossa Mastering
2013 Monster in the Creek Giant Squid Digital Mastering, Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2013 Renacer Senses Fail Mastering
2012 Colored Emotions Night Moves Mastering
2012 Orangefarben Sea of Bees Mastering
2010 At Night We Live Far Mastering
2010 Chateau Crone Agent Ribbons Mastering
2010 Curved Space The Spires Mastering
2010 Drugs/Complex Tera Melos Mastering
2010 Songs for the Ravens Sea of Bees Mastering
2010 The Black Pacific The Black Pacific Mastering
2009 I Don't Want to Go to Heaven as Long as They Have Vulcans in Hell Warp 11 Mastering
2009 Mute Witness Mute Witness Mastering
2009 Pit Beast Hoods Mixing
2009 Straight Line Pete Bernhard Mastering
2009 The Nickel Slots The Nickel Slots Mastering
2008 American Gothic Kepi Mastering
2008 Daytime Ghost Jake Mann Mastering
2008 Get It Right Pressure Point Engineer, Mastering
2008 Jonas Reinhardt Jonas Reinhardt Mastering
2008 Middle Class Rut M.C. Rut Mastering
2008 Movement N2Deep Mastering
2008 Of Great and Mortal Men: 43 Songs for 43 U.S. Presidencies Of Great and Mortal Men Mastering
2008 Play to Ghosts K.O. Kaine Mastering
2008 Spread the Rumors Socratic Mastering
2008 The End of an Error Houston Calls Mastering
2008 This World Mister Cooper Mastering
2008 What You Thought You Knew Say No More Mastering
2008 Where No Kings Shall Roam Ninth Kingdom Mastering
2007 Battle of Wounded Heart The Haints Mastering
2007 Dogs & Donkeys Christian Kiefer Mastering
2007 Drugs to the Dear Youth Tera Melos Mastering
2007 Fall Back Plan Dcoi! Mastering
2007 Fire the Faith Monster Squad Mastering
2007 Ghetto Blaster Hoods Mastering
2007 Hole One-Eyed Doll Mastering
2007 In the Village of the Apple Sun Anton Barbeau Engineer, Mastering
2007 Mustard Pickle Gun The Touques Mastering
2007 New Sound Delivery Shakedown Mastering
2007 Prima Facie The Blue Letter Engineer
2007 Resist & Riot Pressure Point Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Audio Production
2007 Sitting Army Cobra Skulls Mastering
2007 Stockton Boulevard Stars & Garters Mastering
2007 The Automatic Door Anton Barbeau / Su Jordan Mastering
2007 The Truth Is That You Are Alive An Angle Mastering
2007 To All Dead Sailors Christian Kiefer Mastering
2007 Welcome To Infinity Infinite Orchestra Mixing
2007 You Will Be Heard! Bear Hunter Mastering
2006 Buildings Breeding Buildings Breeding Mastering
2006 Drug Free Anton Barbeau Mastering
2006 Honky Tonk Heaven Calamity and Main Mastering
2006 Mental Medicine Army of Trees Mastering
2006 Metridium Fields Giant Squid Mastering
2006 Pressure Point/Madhouse Disciples [Split CD] Madhouse Disciples / Pressure Point Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2006 Suburban Threat/Revenge [Split CD] Suburban Threat Producer, Engineer
2006 Sueno Rojo MothSpyEros Mastering
2006 The Individuals Are Born Dead City Sunday Mastering
2006 The Physicist Has Known Sin Evening Episode Mastering
2006 They Liked You Better When You Were Dead Fightstar Mastering
2006 What If It Works Loud Family Engineer, Mastering
2006 Whiskey Rebels/Hanover Saints [Split CD] Hanover Saints / Whiskey Rebels Engineer, Audio Production
2005 Allegiance Allegiance Engineer
2005 Balance 007 Chris Fortier Engineer
2005 Cascade Serenade Clampitt Mastering
2005 Disco Dimensions, Vol. 1 Engineer
2005 Murdertown Hanover Saints Engineer
2005 Phonkphenomenon Phonk Beta Mastering
2005 Sacto Scene Report Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2005 Through the Eyes of She Zigg Zagg Mastering
2005 Touch Like You Want It Brilliant Red Lights Mastering
2005 We Can Breathe Under Alcohol An Angle Mastering
2004 And Take It with a Grain of Salt An Angle Mastering
2004 Create or Die Whiskey Rebels Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mastering
2004 Die on the High Road [EP] Mr. Metaphor Mastering
2004 Have a Twilley Christmas Dwight Twilley Mastering
2004 Legendary Zao Engineer, Mixing
2004 Louden Up Now !!! Engineer, Mixing
2004 Quantum Immortality Las Pesadillas Mastering
2004 Soundtrack of the Struggle American Static Engineer
2004 Spawn of Dysfunction Die So Fluid Mastering
2004 The Advantage The Advantage Mastering
2004 Thunder in the Bay, Vol. 1 Jubilee Christian Center Choir Mastering
2004 Tiger Teeth Call & Response Mastering
2004 Watertown Invisible Cities Mastering
2003 Archeopteryx/Get Get Go [Split CD] Archeopteryx Mastering
2003 Fire from the Sky 7th Standard Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2003 In Sounds Milwaukee Mastering
2003 Low Flying Owls Take the Scenic Route Low Flying Owls Mastering
2003 Lynch by Inch: Suicide Note [Bonus DVD] Brotha Lynch Hung Mastering
2003 Republic of Two Nedelle Torrisi Production Assistant
2003 The Proles Proles Producer, Engineer
2003 The Tenth of Never Inruin Mastering
2003 Uthanizm Brotha Lynch Hung Mastering
2002 Almost Level With the Ground Magnolia Thunderpussy Guitar Technician
2002 S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D. Out Hud Engineer
2002 Whiskey Rebels Whiskey Rebels Engineer
2001 Daycare Daycare Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2001 Take Off The Skirts Engineer, Mixing
2001 To Be Continued Pressure Point Engineer
2001 Valium Phallucy Producer
2000 17th Century Fuzzbox Blues Anton Barbeau Mixing, Editing
2000 From the Old School Soul Prophets Engineer
2000 Old Time Religion W.D. Gospel Singers Engineer
2000 Watching You Drown Shortie Producer, Mixing
1999 Anthology, Vol. 1 Anton Barbeau Engineer
1999 Splendid Tray Anton Barbeau Recorder
1998 Houseparty Velvet Monkeys Composer
1998 Training for Utopia/Zao [Split EP] Training for Utopia Engineer, Mixing
1997 Smartbomb CA Smartbomb CA Mixing
1997 Ten Years Later...The Comp Mixing
1996 Interbabe Concern Loud Family Engineer
1996 Super Mixer Engineer
1996 Superwinners Summer Rock Academy Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1995 Comedown Early Times Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
1995 New Ruler & the King Filibuster Engineer
1995 Silver Sweepstakes Knapsack Producer
1995 The Music, the Message 7 Seconds Mixing
1995 Waterbugs and Beetles Anton Barbeau Engineer, Mixing
1993 The Horse's Tongue Anton Barbeau Engineer, Recorder
1992 Gas Food Lodging Composer
1990 Rake Velvet Monkeys Composer
Autonomous Stereo Earth Mastering
Bite the Hand Three Minute Tease Mastering
Citizens of Blessed Surroundings Think in French Mastering
Clear Tyson Graf Mastering
Days of Sun and Grass Mother Hips Engineer
Equal/Opposite Minot Mastering
Giving Up the Ghost Trigger Point Mastering
Heavenly Peace Reconciliation Singers Voices of Peace Mastering Engineer
Holy Hip Hop, Vol. 18: Taking Gospel To The Streets Mastering
I Like Your Hat Mister Cooper Mastering
Ingenting Sarah Færch Mastering
Melancholy Waltz Richie Lawrence Mastering
Never Wash Away The Damage Done Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Parallel South Jake Mann / The Upperhand Mastering
Patagonian Rats Tera Melos Mastering
Rock & Soul Dane Drewis Mastering
Songs from Spare Rooms Justin Farren Mastering
Still the Nightmare Thy Last Scream Mastering
Story of You Allie Lamb Mastering
The Season of Love Gramercy Arms Mastering
The Honor Of Defeat Ashkira Mastering
Touques The Touques Mastering
Two Sheds Two Sheds Mastering