Edward M. Favor

An American light comedian, actor, and singer (with a light tenor voice) of ballads, and comic and show songs.
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Artist Biography

b. Edward Addison Favor, 29 August 1856, USA, d. 10 January 1936, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA. Starting out in vaudeville as a light comedian, Favor also worked in a duo with Edith Sinclair (b. 1856, d. 27 November 1942, New York City, New York, USA) whom he married around 1877. Her production company presented them in New York in A Box Of Cash (1887). Also in New York Favor recorded some show songs. The records sold well, his light tenor voice being clear and true. Favor recorded ballads and comic songs, including limericks. Among his records are ‘Bedelia (The Irish Coon Song Serenade)’, ‘Daisy Bell’, ‘Du Du Lichs Mir Im Herzen’, ‘Everybody Knows It’s There’, ‘He Calls Me His Own Grace Darling’, ‘He Didn’t Know Exactly What To Do’, ‘Hello, Central, Give Me Heaven’, ‘Honor Bright, I Loves Yer Right, Old Pal’, ‘It’s Up To Me’, ‘Say Au Revoir, But Not Goodbye’, ‘My Best Girl’s A New Yorker’, ‘Oh, What A Beautiful Ocean’, ‘Pocahontas’, ‘Sadie Salome Go Home’, ‘Telegraph My Baby’, ‘My Best Girl And Me’, from My Best Girl (1912), ‘The Girl Who Threw Me Down’. ‘The Wedding Of Barney And Bedelia’, ‘You’re Welcome Tonight At The Ball’, ‘Upper Broadway After Dark’, ‘Then I’d Be Satisfied With Life’, ‘If They’d Only Move Old Ireland Over Here’, from When Claudia Smiles (1914), ‘Hamlet Was A Melancholy Dane’, ‘Romance And Reality’, the latter from Fascinating Flora (1907), in which he appeared, ‘I Think I Hear A Woodpecker Knocking At My Family Tree’, ‘Fol-The-Rol-Lol’ and ‘Who Threw The Overalls In Mrs. Murphy’s Chowder’.

Favor also recorded with others, including making ‘Casting Bread Upon The Waters’ with his wife and Steve Porter, and, with the American Quartet he made ‘The Dublin Rag’. With his wife, he visited South Africa and Australia in 1906 and that same year they were also in New York in The Blue Moon, Favor singing ‘Burmah Girl’. Favor also appeared in Reginald De Koven’s The Girls Of Holland (1908), The Queen Of The Moulin Rouge (1908), singing ‘Psychical Society’, and The Mascot (1909) singing duets, ‘Ah, With Wrath’ and ‘Pray, Tell Me Why?’, with Henry Coote. Favor was in other musical in the early 20s although his last recordings came in 1914 with ‘On The 7:28’ and ‘Indoor Sports’. Favor continued to appear on the stage, appearing in New York into the early 30s in plays such as John Ferguson (1933) and America - Very Early (1934).