Diana Meltzer


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Year Album Artist
2010 Fight or Flight Emily Osment A&R
2010 Human Resources It's Alive A&R
2010 Life Turns Electric Finger Eleven A&R
2010 Skeletons Hawthorne Heights A&R
2010 The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday 12 Stones A&R
2010 Through Yourself & Back Again Thriving Ivory A&R
2009 A Time for Lions Stars of Track and Field A&R
2009 All the Right Wrongs Emily Osment A&R
2009 Autonomy Games ENDLESS HALLWAY A&R
2009 Civil Twilight Civil Twilight A&R
2009 Cycles Cartel A&R
2009 Found Push Play A&R
2009 Full Circle Creed A&R
2009 Ordinary Riches Company of Thieves A&R
2009 Tidal Eyes The Queen Killing Kings A&R
2009 Wooden Bones Pilot Speed A&R
2008 Beyond the Horizon People in Planes A&R
2008 Thriving Ivory Thriving Ivory A&R
2007 Anthem for the Underdog 12 Stones A&R
2007 Better Than Blood Megan McCauley A&R
2007 Consequence The Crash Motive A&R
2007 Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces Seether A&R
2007 Goodbye Blue Monday Jeremy Fisher A&R
2007 Immortal Verses Submersed A&R
2007 Madeline Tickle Me Pink A&R
2007 Strata Presents the End of the World Strata A&R
2007 Them vs. You vs. Me Finger Eleven A&R
2006 As Far as the Eye Can See People in Planes A&R
2006 Centuries Before Love and War Stars of Track and Field A&R
2006 Into the West Pilot Speed A&R
2006 John Tucker Must Die [Music From the Motion Picture] A&R
2006 One Cold Night Seether A&R
2006 The Open Door Evanescence A&R
2005 Beautiful Disorder Breaking Point A&R
2005 Elektra: The Album [Original Soundtrack] A&R
2005 Fantastic Four [Original Soundtrack] A&R
2005 Karma and Effect Seether A&R
2005 The Great Divide Scott Stapp A&R
2005 Walk the Line [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] A&R
2004 Anywhere But Home [DVD] Evanescence A&R
2004 Anywhere but Home Evanescence A&R
2004 Desensitized Drowning Pool A&R
2004 Disclaimer II Seether A&R
2004 Greatest Hits Creed A&R
2004 Home for an Island The Exit A&R
2004 In Due Time Submersed A&R
2004 One Day Remains Alter Bridge A&R
2004 Potter's Field 12 Stones A&R
2004 Seven Wiser Seven Wiser A&R
2004 South of Sideways Edgewater A&R
2004 Strata A&R
2004 The Crash of '47 Atomship A&R
2004 The Passion of the Christ: Original Songs Inspired by the Film A&R
2004 The Punisher [Soundtrack] A&R
2003 3 Sides Bob Guiney A&R
2003 Fallen Evanescence A&R
2003 Finger Eleven Finger Eleven A&R
2003 Tomorrow Come Today BoySetsFire A&R
2002 12 Stones 12 Stones A&R
2002 Androgynous Jesus Must A&R
2002 Disclaimer Seether A&R
2002 Fun with Humans Stretch Princess A&R
2002 Live for Today BoySetsFire A&R
2002 Stereo Fuse Stereo Fuse A&R
2001 Weathered Creed A&R
1999 Human Clay Creed A&R