Dave Quiggle


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Year Album Artist
2016 Darkness Divided Darkness Divided Artwork
2016 Frida Kahlo vs. Ezra Pound Atmosphere Illustrations
2016 Handshakes With Snakes Apathy Cover Illustration
2016 I Believe, Help My Unbelief Rival Choir Artwork
2016 Viscera My Epic Artwork
2015 Wake For Today Artwork
2014 Behold My Epic Artwork
2014 Calloused Gideon Artwork, Layout
2014 Supreme Chaos War of Ages Illustrations, Art Direction, Design
2014 The Urgency Saving Grace Layout
2013 Die Knowing Comeback Kid Artwork
2013 Reach Beyond the Sun Shai Hulud Artwork
2012 Conclusions Altars Artwork
2012 Lights and Perfections The Burial Artwork, Layout
2012 Milestone Gideon Cover Art
2012 Now We Are Free Leaders Artwork, Layout
2012 Redirect Your Memorial Artwork
2012 Return To Life War of Ages Art Direction, Design
2011 Broken Voice My Epic Artwork
2011 Costs Gideon Artwork, Layout
2011 Give Me a Rest Hands Artwork
2011 The Great Campaign of Sabotage Overcome Design, Layout
2011 The King Is Coming Saving Grace Artwork, Layout
2011 The Life & Death of A Plea For Purging A Plea for Purging Design, Layout
2011 The War Within Us Onward to Olympus Artwork
2010 Adherence Stand United Cover Art
2010 Atonement Your Memorial Design
2010 Crossroads 2010 Bizzy Bone Artwork
2010 Decrease/Increase Wrench in the Works Artwork, Layout
2010 Eternal War of Ages Art Direction, Design
2010 Life of Defiance Call to Preserve Illustrations, Design
2010 Revival As Hell Retreats Cover Art, Layout
2010 The Marriage of Heaven and Hell A Plea for Purging Artwork, Layout
2010 The Infinite Order Living Sacrifice Illustrations
2010 This World Is Not My Home Onward To Olympas Artwork, Cover Art, Layout
2010 Unbreakable Saving Grace Artwork, Layout
2010 Yet My Epic Artwork
2009 American Rock 'N' Roll Thieves & Liars Layout Design
2009 Depravity A Plea for Purging Layout Design
2009 Embrace Thick as Blood Art Direction, Design
2009 Ensayo y Error Georgina / Georgina León Viola, Violin
2009 Portraits For Today Artwork, Design
2009 Prepare for Devastation Tyrant Cover Art
2009 The Clearing Sleep for Sleepers Artwork, Layout Design
2009 Total World Domination Sworn Enemy Artwork, Layout Design
2008 Arise and Conquer War of Ages Art Direction, Design
2008 Behind Enemy Lines Saving Grace Artwork
2008 Can't Fight Robots Take It Back Artwork, Layout Design
2008 Ekklesia For Today Layout Design, Cover Art
2008 From Isolation Call to Preserve Artwork, Layout Design
2008 Hope for the Dying Hope for the Dying Artwork
2008 I Am Undone My Epic Artwork, Layout Design
2008 Lost Art of Heaping Coal Wrench in the Works Artwork, Layout Design
2008 Misanthropy Pure Shai Hulud Creation, Artwork
2008 The Triumph Deathstar Artwork
2008 To Keep Me from Sinking Means Art Direction, Layout Design
2008 When Dreams Become Reality Thieves & Liars Artwork, Layout Design
2007 A Critique of Mind and Thought A Plea for Purging Artwork
2007 Another Way Home Remove the Veil Artwork, Layout Design
2007 Assassins in the House of God All Out War Cover Art
2007 Dread Champions of the Last Days Sleeping Giant Additional Personnel, Vocals, Artwork, Layout Design
2007 Fire from the Tomb War of Ages Artwork
2007 Nailed. Dead. Risen. Impending Doom Artwork
2007 Sending You Strength Means Cover Art
2007 Something Worth Fighting For Cover Art
2007 The Best of Atreyu Atreyu Cover Illustration
2007 The Undisputed Truth Seventh Star Artwork, Layout Design
2007 What This Means to Me xLooking Forwardx Cover Art
2007 What We See When We Shut Our Eyes With Passion Artwork
2006 A Call for Blood: A Tribute to Hatebreed Cover Art
2006 Beauty and the Breakdown Bury Your Dead Illustrations
2006 Confession The Redemption Song Design, Layout Design
2006 Death to Tyrants Sick of It All Cover Art
2006 Doubt Becomes the New Addiction Flee the Seen Artwork
2006 Finding a Balance Counting the Days Artwork
2006 Neither Storm nor Quake nor Fire DeMise of Eros Artwork, Layout Design
2006 Pride of the Wicked War of Ages Artwork
2006 Ready to Live Anam Cara Artwork, Layout Design
2006 Resistance Alove for Enemies Artwork, Layout Design
2006 Show's Over Jesus Wept Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar, Artwork, Design
2006 Sick City [EP] Jesus Wept Group Member
2006 The Crescendo of Sirens Kingston Falls Artwork, Layout Design
2006 They Attack at Dawn Bloody Sunday Artwork, Layout Design
2006 Unsinkable Call to Preserve Artwork, Layout Design
2006 War of Ages War of Ages Artwork, Design
2006 Ypsilanti Bloodlined Calligraphy Design, Layout Design
2005 Cause Above the Conquest Nor Am I Cover Art
2005 Road That Leads to Home Regal Line Design, Cover Art
2005 The Harvest Alove for Enemies Artwork
2005 The Path We Tread Looking Forward / xLooking Forwardx Artwork, Layout Design
2005 To Burn Again No Innocent Victim Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar, Artwork, Design, Group Member
2004 CutThroat The Deal Cover Art
2004 Necropolis: City of the Damned Subzero Back Cover, Cover Art
2003 Breath Between Battles Sleeping by the Riverside Cover Art, Tray Card Art
2003 Condemned to Suffer All Out War Cover Art
2003 Evergreen Terrace vs. Xone FifthX Evergreen Terrace Cover Art
2003 Suffering the Loss Figure Four Cover Art
2002 Day of Defeat Point of Recognition Cover Art
2002 Earn Your Respect Dodgin' Bullets Artwork
2002 Truth Rings Out Hanover Saints Cover Art
2002 Twenty Two Ton Sampler Artwork
2002 Who's Pulling Your Strings The Deal Cover Photo
2001 Doxology XDisciplex Ad Cover Art
2001 Losing All Hope Is Freedom Evergreen Terrace Artwork
2001 Omega Supreme: The Complete Collection 1996-2001 Shockwave Artwork
2001 Shipwrecked Life Anchor Layout Concept
2000 Sinking Deeper Run Devil Run Graphic Design
Aletheia Hope for the Dying Illustrations, Layout
Anthems Messengers Illustrations, Layout
Badlands Colossus Artwork
Between Two Cities Count To Four Artwork
Beyond Measure Dynasty Logo, Layout
Death Sentence Those Who Fear Artwork, Layout
Down with the Ship Looking Forward Illustrations
In the Taking of Flesh The Burial Artwork
Indicator Onward To Olympas Cover Art, Layout
Indomitable Leaders Artwork, Design
Into the Killing Fields All Out War Cover Art
Into the Sea Attalus Artwork
Laid Low Everything in Slow Motion Artwork
Legacy Hope for the Dying Cover Art
Lone/Grey Comrades Cover Art, Layout
Make Amends Letter to the Exiles Artwork
No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets. Overcome Design, Layout
Phoenix Everything in Slow Motion Art Direction
Self Harvest Ark of the Covenant Artwork, Layout
Separation Ark of the Covenant Artwork, Layout
Something More Altars Illustrations, Layout
Struggle Well Mouth of the South Illustrations, Layout
The Absolute Ace Augustine Artwork
The Shadow Line Letter to the Exiles Artwork, Layout
Time & Eternal Colossus Artwork, Layout
Truer Living with a Youthful Vengeance Dynasty Artwork, Layout
Unholy Anger Those Who Fear Photography, Artwork, Layout
When Given Time to Grow Conveyer Artwork
When Lambs Become Lions Nothing Til Blood Artwork