Clarinet Classics


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Year Album Artist
2015 A Mozart Soirée Michael Harris / Colin Lawson / Timothy Lines Record Label
2014 Wind Chamber Music by Joseph Horovitz: The Essential Collection Victoria Soames Record Label
2013 The Inner Time: Contemporary Music for Clarinet Roger Heaton Record Label
2012 Mozart: Clarinet Quintet Colin Lawson Record Label
2011 Polish Music for Clarinet and Piano Jean-Marc Fessard / Jadwiga Lewczuk Record Label
2011 The Complete Works of Louis Cahuzac Philippe Cuper Record Label
2011 Xavier Lefèvre: A Revolutionary Tutor - Clarinet Sonatas, Vol. 2 Sebastian Comberti / Colin Lawson Record Label
2009 Scawfell: Recital Music for Bass Clarinet & Piano Scawfell Record Label
2008 Expressions Leslie Craven Record Label
2008 Reflections: Clarinet Concertos by Gerald Finzi, Graham Fitkin & Carl Davis David Campbell Record Label
2008 Semplice: From Beautiful Beginnings... Victoria Soames Record Label
2007 Time Pieces: 60 years of American music for clarinet and piano Peter Furniss Record Label
2007 Xavier Lefèvre: A Revolutionary Tutor - Clarinet Sonatas, Vol. 1 Colin Lawson / Claire Thirion Record Label
2006 A Portrait of Alan Hacker Alan Hacker Record Label
2006 Kings of Swing in Britain Record Label
2005 100 Years of the Simple-System Clarinet Colin Lawson / Francis Pott Record Label
2005 Solos de Concours II: Music from the Premier Prix Victoria Soames Record Label
2005 Swing Low Sweet Clarinet: Reginald Kell & His Quiet Music Reginald Kell Record Label
2004 John Harle Plays Bennett/Berkeley/Denisov/Heath/Woods John Harle Record Label
2004 Max Reger: Complete Works for Clarinet and Piano Anthony Pike Record Label
2003 AngloSax: British & American Music for Saxophone Kyle Horch Record Label
2003 BASSics: For Bass Clarinet and Piano Henri Bok Record Label
2003 Saverio Mercadante: Concertos for Clarinet; Concertoni for Winds & Orchestra Luigi Magistrelli Record Label
2003 The Paris Connection Philippe Cuper Record Label
2002 A Portrait of David Weber David Weber Record Label
2002 Pierrot Dreaming: Chamber Music For Clarinet by Tha Musgrave, Vol. 1 Victoria Soames Record Label
2002 Stephen Cottrell: The History of the Saxophone in Words and Music Record Label
2002 The Fall of Narcissus: Chamber Music for Clarinet by Thea Musgrave, Vol. 2 Victoria Soames Record Label
2001 Centenary Tribute to Frederick Thurston Frederick Thurston Record Label
2001 Le Jardin Féerique: Debussy & Ravel for Clarinet Sextet The Clarinet Section Record Label
2001 Times for Flying Colin Lawson / Victoria Soames Record Label
2000 Dedications Janet Hilton Record Label
2000 Rudy Wiedoeft: Kreisler of the Saxophone Rudy Wiedoeft Record Label
2000 The Clarinet in Bohemia Philippe Cuper Record Label
2000 The Electric Saxophone Stephen Cottrell Record Label
2000 The History of the Clarinet in Words and Music Record Label
1999 Chambersax Kyle Horch Record Label
1999 Music for Bass Clarinet & Piano Henri Bok Record Label
1999 On the Winds of English Melody Victoria Soames Record Label
1998 Le Patron of the Saxaphone, Encore! Marcel Mule Record Label
1998 Minimal Tendencies Delta Saxophone Quartet Record Label
1998 Minimal Tendencies Delta Saxophone Quartet Record Label
1998 The Victorian Clarinet Tradition Record Label
1997 A Grand Duo: The Clarinet and the Early Romantics Neal Peres da Costa / Colin Lawson Record Label
1997 Fantasías Mediterráneas: Spanish Music for Clarinet and Piano Joan Enric Lluna Record Label
1997 Thea Musgrave: Clarinet Concerto; The Seasons; Autumn Sonata BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra / Thea Musgrave / Victoria Soames Record Label
1996 Marcel Mule: "Le patron" of the Saxophone Marcel Mule Record Label
1996 The Bel Canto Clarinettist Record Label
1995 Clarinet Historical Recordings, Vol.2 Louis Cahuzac / Charles Draper Record Label
1995 Solos de Concours Victoria Soames Record Label
1995 This Green Tide Georgina Dobree Record Label
1994 New English Clarinet Music The Mühlfeld Ensemble Record Label
1994 Roger Heaton Roger Heaton Record Label
1994 The Art of the Clarinettist Colin Bradbury Record Label
1993 Clarinet Historical Recordings, Vol.1 Record Label
1993 Clarinet Virtuosi of the Past: Heinrich Baermann (Works by Mendelssohn, Weber & Baermann) Victoria Soames Record Label
1993 Clarinet Virtuosi of the Past: Simon Hermstedt (Works by Spohr, Mozart, Müller & Paer) Victoria Soames Record Label
1993 Gems of the Clarinet Victoria Soames Record Label
1993 The Early Clarinet Family Keith Puddy Record Label
1992 Copland & "Les Six": Works for Clarinet & Piano Victoria Soames Record Label
1992 Historic Recordings: Nielsen's Clarinet Concertos Record Label
Clarinet Chamber Music by Richard Rodney Bennett: A Birthday Tribute Michael Bell / Victoria Soames Record Label
English Romantics: Trio in G Minor for Clarinet Et Record Label
La Revoltosa Jorge Montilla / Hamilton Tescarollo Record Label
Luigi Amodio la Scala Virtuoso Record Label
Music for the Clarinet Record Label
Paul Harris: A Musical Celebration Michael Bell / Robert Hardy / Victoria Soames Record Label
World of Clarinet Classics/Various Record Label