Chris Flam


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Year Album Artist
2010 Lament Changes Audio Post-Production, Mastering
2008 Extra, Vol. 3 KMFDM Mixing
2006 Long Hidden: The Olmec Series William Parker Mastering
2006 Shot X Shot Shot X Shot Mastering
2006 Soul Slinger Classics, Pt. 1 DJ Soul Slinger Producer, Composer
2006 Traditional Jewish Prayers with Contemporary Experimental Electronic Music Forgiveness Mastering
2005 Certified David Banner Producer
2005 Sound Unity William Parker Mastering
2005 Straight Out da Pot Maceo Producer
2004 Coalescence Whit Dickey Mixing, Mastering
2004 Something Grand Shrimp Boat Mastering
2004 What's the Word, Vol. 1 [Underground Inc] Drums
2004 You Without Sin Cast the First Stone Isaiah Owens Mastering
2003 Equilibrium Matthew Shipp Synthesizer, Programming
2003 Luminescence Daniel Carter Mastering
2003 Other Shore Exuberance Mastering
2003 Peace Not War Engineer
2003 Scrapbook William Parker Mixing
2003 Skin Daughter Mastering
2003 Spontaneous The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra / William Parker Mastering
2003 The Bell Stephan Smith Engineer
2003 The Trio Plays Ware Matthew Shipp Mastering
2002 Raining on the Moon William Parker Quartet Mastering
2002 Songs Matthew Shipp Mastering
2001 Corridors & Parallels David S. Ware / David S. Ware Quartet Engineer
2001 Indoor Storm Pish Posh Mastering
2001 Live in the Netherlands David S. Ware Mastering
2001 Masses Spring Heel Jack Engineer
2001 Matthew Shipp's New Orbit Matthew Shipp's New Orbit Digital Editing, Mastering
2001 One Sound System One Music DJ Soul Slinger Engineer
2001 Piercing the Veil William Parker Mastering
2001 Singularity Joe Morris Mastering
2000 Blue Decco Mat Maneri Quartet Digital Editing, Mastering
2000 Embrace Me Carol Masters Mastering
2000 Painter's Spring William Parker Digital Editing, Mastering
2000 Passport Khan Remastering, Editing
2000 Pastoral Composure Matthew Shipp Quartet Mastering
2000 This Is Kraut Rock Editing
1999 Hello My Name Is EP Unit Producer, Engineer
1999 Reich Remixed Steve Reich Engineer
1999 Test [Aum] Test Mastering
1999 The Narcoleptic Symphony Unit Producer, Engineer
1998 A Cloud of Black Birds Joe Morris Quartet Mastering
1998 Ancestral Homeland Roy Campbell / Jr. Mastering
1998 Electric Ladyland, Vol. 6 Engineer, Mixing
1998 Forgiveness Forgiveness / Rea Mochiach Mastering
1998 Goldbug Ben Neill Programming
1998 Homage to Neu Editing
1998 Invisible Soundtracks: Macro 2 Engineer, Composer
1998 Lyricist Lounge, Vol. 1 Mixing
1998 Peach Orchard In Order to Survive Mastering
1998 Riddim Warfare DJ Spooky Engineer, Programming
1998 Soulfly Soulfly Engineer, Programming
1998 Synthetic Fury DJ Spooky Engineer
1998 The Road to the Western Lands Material Engineer
1998 Underworld Machine in the Garden Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
1997 Blink of an Eye Rob Brown Mastering
1997 Commandment (For the Sculpture of Alain Kirili) Billy Bang Digital Editing, Digital Mastering, Mastering
1997 Don't Believe DJ Soul Slinger Engineer
1997 Invisible Weave Joe Morris Mastering
1997 Lifting the Sanctions William Parker Mastering
1997 Memory Remains Metallica Engineer
1997 New Fixed & Remixed Good Courage Engineer
1997 Nirvana: Atmospheric Drum N' Bass from the Land of the Free... Engineer
1997 Smart Beats, Vol. 1 Engineer
1997 Spawn: The Album Engineer
1997 Splinter Porcupine Defense Mastering
1997 Tetragramaton: Submerge Tetragamaton Engineer
1997 This Is Home Entertainment, Vol. 3 Producer, Composer
1997 Wendy McDonald-Live in Japan Spookey Ruben Engineer
1996 Hero of the Day Metallica Engineer
1996 Red Hot + Rio Mixing
1996 Resonance Found at the Core of a Bubble Engineer, Composer
1996 Songs of a Dead Dreamer DJ Spooky Engineer
1996 This Is Home Entertainment, Vol. 1 Producer, Composer
1996 This Is Home Entertainment, Vol. 2 Producer, Composer
1995 Caution to the Wind Pura Fe Engineer
1995 Is That Your Beer? Scary Chicken Engineer
1995 Signals for Tea Steve Beresford Assistant
1995 Solo Piano (Standards) 1995 Anthony Braxton Engineer
1995 Symbol Systems Matthew Shipp Engineer
1994 Aurora K.K. Null Remastering
1993 Buhloone Mindstate De La Soul Assistant Engineer
1993 Dead Enz Kidz Doin' Lifetime Bidz Young Black Teenagers Engineer, Mixing Assistant
1993 Ekstasis Nicky Skopelitis Mixing Assistant
1993 Midnight Marauders A Tribe Called Quest Assistant Engineer
1992 Handel's Messiah: A Soulful Celebration Mixing, Mixing Assistant
1992 Sofia Shinas Sofia Shinas Engineer
1991 Heart & Mind Sister Double Happiness Assistant Engineer
1989 Speckly Shrimp Boat Mastering