Carson Cooman

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Cooman is a prolific composer of music in all genres, whose works number in the hundreds; he is also an active organist and a music critic.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Mountain Toccata, for piano, Op. 760 2008 Keyboard
Symphony of Light, for string orchestra, Op. 484 2003 Symphony
Berceuse for organ, Op. 846 2010 Keyboard
Love Came Down at Christmas, for chorus, Op. 847 2009 Choral
Madaket Dreaming, for piano, Op. 774 2008 Keyboard
Beyond All Knowing, for chamber orchestra, Op. 538 2003 Orchestral
Estampie, for 2 violins, Op. 752 2008 Chamber Music
Gold into Diamonds, for voice & piano, Op. 723 2007 Vocal Music
O Lord, Increase My Faith, for chorus, Op. 718 2007 Choral
Preludio quieto, for organ, Op. 1095 2014 Keyboard
Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis, for chorus & organ, Op. 470 2003 Choral
Ricercare piccola sopra un nome, for organ, Op. 845 2009 Keyboard
A Trip to the Sky, for any instrument or combination of instruments, Op. 857 2009 Chamber Music
Kings Are Sleeping, for chorus, Op. 869 2010 Choral
Cort├Ęge, for organ, Op. 1085 2014 Keyboard
Rondino for St. Joseph, for organ, Op. 1154 2016 Keyboard
Hope, for chorus, Op. 886 2010 Choral
Three Enigmas, for organ, Op. 1110 2015 Keyboard
Vision, for violin and organ, Op. 646 2005 Chamber Music
Lingering, Lonely Callings, for voice & piano, Op. 753 2004 Vocal Music
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