Caroline Forbes


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Year Album Artist
2015 Arvo Pärt: Musica Selecta – A Sequence by Manfred Eicher Photography
2015 Songs for Quintet Kenny Wheeler Photography
2014 You Promised Me Everything: Vocal and Choral Works by Cheryl Frances-Hoad Alisdair Hogarth / Jennifer Johnston / Joseph Middleton Photography
2010 Quintet for Clarinet and Strings Ned Rothenberg Portraits, Booklet
2009 House Full Of Floors Evan Parker Photography
2007 A Glancing Blow Evan Parker Photography
2007 Composition/Improvisation Nos. 1, 2 & 3 Roscoe Mitchell / Transatlantic Art Ensemble Photography
2006 A Portrait of Alan Hacker Alan Hacker Photography
2006 The Iron Stone Robin Williamson Cover Photo
2006 Time Lapse Evan Parker Photography
2005 Critcal Mass Agustí Fernández / Mats Gustafsson Photography
2005 Free Zone Appleby 2004 Evan Parker Photography
2005 Lok 03 Aki Takase Photography
2005 The Eleventh Hour Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble / Evan Parker Photography
2004 Bishop's Move Evan Parker Photography
2004 Gubbrora: Freedom of the City 2004 Sten Sandell Photography
2004 Memory/Vision Evan Parker Photography
2004 Or Air Joel Ryan Photography
2004 Suspensions & Anticipations Evan Parker / Stan Tracey Photography
2004 The United States of Mind Horace Silver Cover Painting
2003 Alder Brook Evan Parker Photography
2003 Dream Sequence Kenny Wheeler Photography
2003 Free Zone Appleby 2002 Evan Parker Photography
2003 Lauds and Lamentations: Music of Elliott Carter and Isang Yun Heinz Holliger Photography
2003 Nisus Duets John Edwards / Mark Sanders Photography
2003 Studio/Live/Birds and Blades Barry Guy / Evan Parker Photography
2003 The Dowland Project: Care-charming Sleep John Potter Photography
2002 'Smatter Gerd Dudek Photography
2002 Improvisations Are Forever Now Barry Guy Photography
2002 The Grass Is Greener Han Bennink / Evan Parker Photography
2002 Trombolenium Paul Rutherford Photography
2001 Conlon Nancarrow / George Anthiel: Piano Music Herbert Henck Cover Photo
2001 Frankfurt 1991 Iskra 1903 Photography
2001 Justin Connolly: Night Thoughts Photography
2001 Philip Glass: Music for Organ Kevin Bowyer Photography
2001 Thomas Larcher: Naunz Thomas Demenga / Erich Höbarth Photography
2000 Elogio per Un'ombra Thomas Larcher / Michelle Makarski Photography
2000 Lux aeterna Patrick Demenga / Thomas Demenga Photography
1999 Hoquetus, Medieval European Vocal Music Paul Hillier / Theatre of Voices Photography
1999 John Dowland: In Darkness Let Me Dwell John Potter Photography
1999 Mats Edén: Milvus Mats Edén Cover Photo
1998 Alexander Krein.... after Scriabin Photography
1998 London & Cologne: Saxophone Solos John Butcher Photography
1998 Proverbs and Songs John Surman Cover Photo
1998 Turnage: Blood on the Floor Peter Erskine / Martin Robertson / Peter Rundel / John Scofield Photography
1997 Dominic Muldowney: Piano Concerto; Saxophone Concerto Peter Donohoe / John Harle Photography
1997 Eleven Ghosts Han Bennink / Myra Melford Cover Photo
1997 First Moves John Critchinson Photography
1997 Two to Tangle Nigel Coombes Photography
1996 Birthdays John Russell Photography
1996 Rogues Paul Rutherford Photography
1995 At Twilight: Chorale Music by Percy Grainger and Edvard Grieg Stephen Layton / Polyphony Photography
1995 Dream of the Elders Dave Holland Quartet Photography, Cover Photo
1995 Iskra/Nckpa 1903 Iskra 1903 Photography
1995 Lost and Found Ralph Towner Photography, Cover Photo
1995 Martin: Ballades London Philharmonic Orchestra Photography
1995 Remembering Tomorrow Steve Kuhn Photography, Cover Design, Cover Photo
1995 Vaughan Williams: Over hill, over dale Holst Singers Photography
1994 11 Songs for Doris Day Steve Beresford Photography
1994 Gavin Bryars: Vita Nova Gavin Bryars Photography
1994 Ixesha The Dedication Orchestra Cover Photo
1994 Obliquities Evan Parker Photography
1994 Shakuhachi: The Japanese Flute Clive Bell Photography
1993 Górecki: O Domina Nostra; Satie; Milhaud; Bryars Sarah Leonard Photography
1993 The Hilliard Ensemble Sings Walter Frye The Hilliard Ensemble Photography
1992 Arvo Pärt, Peter Maxwell Davies, Philip Glass: Trivium Christopher Bowers-Broadbent Photography
1992 Brass Project John Surman Photography
1992 Never at All Stan Sulzmann Photography
1992 Werner Bärtschi Werner Bartschi Cover Photo, Photography
1991 Gavin Bryars: After the Requiem Gavin Bryars Photography
1991 Gesualdo: Tenebrae (The Complete Responsoria) The Hilliard Ensemble Photography
1991 Mojotoro Dino Saluzzi / Dino Saluzzi Group Photography
1991 Pärt: Miserere Beethoven Orchester Bonn / Dennis Russell Davies / The Hilliard Ensemble / Paul Hillier / Arvo Pärt Photography
1990 Music for Large and Small Ensembles Kenny Wheeler Photography
1990 So I Write Sidsel Endresen Cover Photo
1989 The Iron Man: The Musical Pete Townshend Cover Photo
1988 The Snake Decides Evan Parker Photography
1988 Visions Kenny Wheeler Photography
1986 Atlanta Parker/Guy/Lytton Photography
1986 Somewhere Called Home Norma Winstone Photography, Cover Photo
1985 Out of the Blue Chris Farlowe Vocals (Background)
1985 The Big Gundown: John Zorn Plays the Music of Ennio Morricone (15th Anniversary Edition John Zorn Photography
1984 Arvo Pärt: Tabula Rasa Arvo Pärt Photography
1984 Six Sequences pour Alfred Hitchcock [Nato] Sixsequence Photography
1972 In Pursuit of the 27th Man Horace Silver Liner Note Art
Features Schlippenbach Trio Photography
Flying Fortress Tony Hymas Photography
Général Gramafon Michel Doneda / Daunik Lazro Photography
Look at Me Terry Day Photography
Warsaw Concert Paul Lovens / Schlippenbach Trio / Alexander von Schlippenbach Photography