Carl Caprioglio


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Year Album Artist
2013 Abbey Load Beatallica Executive Producer
2012 The Piano Poems: Live from San Francisco Ray Manzarek / Michael McClure Executive Producer
2011 Mr. Showbiz Nick Cannon Producer
2010 Registered Offender Rob Schneider Executive Producer
2010 Snart Jackie Martling Executive Producer
2008 Do You Like Waffles? Parry Gripp Executive Producer
2008 Kick Ass Celtic Christmas Reilly Executive Producer
2007 Fumbling with the Covers Naked Eyes Art Direction
2007 The Best Kept Secret Ultramagnetic MC's Executive Producer
2006 El Mas Chingon George Lopez Producer, Audio Production, Package Layout
2005 All Likkered Up Roger Alan Wade Executive Producer
2005 Pull My Finger: Jingle Smells Jingle Smells / Pull My Finger Executive Producer
2004 Break U Off/Takin' It Back Kool Keith Executive Producer
2004 Crunkin' G's Presents: Crunkin' G Style Da Album Executive Producer
2004 Diesel Truckers Kool Keith / KutMasta Kurt Executive Producer, Composer
2004 Unborn David Pack Executive Producer, Artwork, Design
2003 The Lost Masters Kool Keith Photography
2002 Because We Care: A Benefit for the Children's Hospital of Orange County Executive Producer
2002 Sub Urban Jaymz Bee Executive Producer
2001 Majors For Minors, Vol. 4: Bee Gees For Babies Majors for Minors Executive Producer
2001 United We Stand: Songs for America [Oglio] Jeffrey Foskett Executive Producer
2000 F Jackie Jackie Martling Producer
2000 Lucky to Be Alive Braid Executive Producer
2000 The Best of Big Daddy Big Daddy Executive Producer
1999 Star Wars: Cocktails in the Cantina The Evil Genius Orchestra / Star Wars Cantina Orchestra Executive Producer
1999 Where Is My Mind?: A Tribute to the Pixies Executive Producer
1998 Audio Satellite The Teen Heroes Executive Producer
1998 Hot Dogs + Donuts Jackie Martling Producer
1998 Images of Heaven: The Best of Peter Godwin Peter Godwin Producer
1998 Interstate 20/20 Photography
1998 Jingle Bells: Swingin' Barnyard Christmas Jingle Bells Executive Producer
1998 Psycho Sisters Producer
1998 Sex-O-Rama, Vol. 2 The Sex-O-Rama Band Executive Producer
1998 Songs for the Brokenhearted Executive Producer
1998 The Devil in Miss Jones [Oglio] Executive Producer
1997 Majors for Minors: Classical Music Nursery Rhymes Executive Producer
1997 Majors for Minors: Symphony of Sleep Executive Producer
1997 Rhythm of Youth/With Folk of the 80's Men Without Hats Reissue Producer
1997 Sex-O-Rama: Music from Classic Adult Films Executive Producer
1997 Take Warning: Songs of Operation Ivy Executive Producer
1997 You Had to Be There! Mark & Brian Producer, Mastering
1996 Collection Men Without Hats Liner Notes, Executive Producer
1996 Rock 'N' Roll Will Never Die Wesley Willis Photography, Executive Producer
1995 20/20/Look Out! 20/20 Executive Producer
1995 Flashback Cafe, Vol. 2 Producer
1995 Good as Gold/Schizophrenic Circus Red Rockers Executive Producer
1995 Hit That Perfect Beat, Vol. 2 Executive Producer
1995 In a Chamber/Between Two Worlds Wire Train Executive Producer
1995 Punk University, Vol. 2 Compilation Producer
1995 Straight Out of Cleveland Executive Producer
1995 The Edge of Christmas Compilation Producer
1995 Translation Translator Compilation Producer
1995 You Break It, You Bought It Scott Goddard Compilation Executive Producer
1994 Bikini Wax Killer Pussy Executive Producer
1994 Coolest Christmas Producer
1994 Flashback Cafe, Vol. 1 Compilation Producer
1994 Punk University Producer
1994 Richard Blade's Flashback Favorites, Vol. 2 Producer, Compilation Producer
1994 Richard Blade's Flashback Favorites, Vol. 3 Producer, Compilation Producer
1994 Richard Blade's Flashback Favorites, Vol. 4 Producer
1994 Richard Blade's Flashback Favorites, Vol. 5 Compilation Producer
1993 Richard Blade's Flashback Favorites Producer, Compilation Producer, Liner Notes, Executive Producer
1984 Steps in Time King Reissue Producer
1983 Doot-Doot Freur Reissue Producer
1981 Look Out! 20/20 Executive Producer
1981 Spazchow Barnes & Barnes Executive Producer
1980 Voobaha Barnes & Barnes Audio Production, Reissue Producer, Liner Notes
The Worst Comedy Show Ever Craig Gass Executive Producer