Captain America

Scottish alternative rock band that changed its name to Eugenius under threat of legal action from Marvel Comics.
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Artist Biography

Formed in 1991, Captain America was one of several bands to emerge from the flourishing milieu centred on the Scottish town of Bellshill. Vocalist/guitarist Eugene Kelly and bass player James Seenan were former members of the Vaselines, while the original line-up also featured BMX Bandits guitarist Gordon Keen and Teenage Fanclub drummer Brendan O'Hare. The last-named was replaced by Andy Bollen soon after the quartet's inception. Captain America completed two 12-inch EPs, Captain America and Flame On, both of which revealed a penchant for distorted guitar work, but progress was halted when Marvel Comics, publishers of the Captain America title, threatened litigation. The C&A company also objected to the band's use of their trading logo on Flame On. Pressure on the band was increased when Kurt Cobain was widely pictured wearing a Captain America T-shirt, and having jettisoned Seenan and Bollen, Kelly and Keen re-emerged with a new rhythm section and a new name - Eugenius.