César Cui

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An engineer, military officer, and self-taught composer, César Cui was also a perceptive critic. As a member of the Mighty Handful of composers, he did much to help shape Russian nationalism in the nineteenth…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Kaleidoscope, pieces (24) for violin & piano, Op. 50 1893 Chamber Music
Preludes (25) for piano, Op. 64 1903 Keyboard
Paraphrases (24 Variations and 15 Petite Pieces) for piano ("Chopsticks," "Tati-Tati") Keyboard
Orientale, for violin & piano, Op. 50/9 Chamber Music
The Statue of Czarskoye-Selo, for voice & piano, Op. 57/17 Vocal Music
Suite No 3 for orchestra, Op. 43 ("In Modo Populari") Orchestral
Mélodies (5) for voice & piano, Op. 54 1890 Vocal Music
I Remember the Evening for voice & piano Vocal Music
Prisoner of the Caucasus, opera 1859 Opera
The burnt letter (Sozhzhonnoye pismo), for voice & piano, Op. 33/4 Vocal Music
I loved you, for voice & piano, Op. 33/3 Vocal Music
Miniatures (12) for piano, Op. 20 Keyboard
Poémes (4) de Jean Richepin, Op. 44 Vocal Music
You and Thou, Op. 57/11 Vocal Music
Suite Concertante for violin & orchestra (or piano), Op. 25 Chamber Music
Le désir (My Desire), song, Op. 57/25 Vocal Music
Petites Duos (5), for flute, violin & piano, Op. 56 Chamber Music
Miniatures (18) for piano, Opp. 20 & 39 Keyboard
Suite for orchestra No. 4, Op. 40 "À Argenteau" 1887 Orchestral
A Feast in Time of Plague (Pir vo vremya chumï), opera 1900 Opera
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