Bryan Carlstrom


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Year Album Artist
2014 Feels So Good Dionne Warwick Engineer
2013 Classic Album Collection Rob Zombie Producer
2013 The Revolution Is Never Coming Red Paintings Engineer, Mixing
2012 Change My Mind Billy Ray Cyrus Engineer
2011 Icon 2 Rob Zombie Producer
2010 Brother Clyde Brother Clyde Mixing
2010 La Raza Armored Saint Engineer, Mixing
2010 Rising from the Grave Helstar Assistant Engineer
2009 Whatever it Takes Chris Cox Engineer
2008 Dream Garden Adam Rudolph Mixing, Mastering
2008 GEA Mia Doi Todd Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2008 Let Sleeping Corpses Lie White Zombie Producer
2008 Serpent Temptation Opprobrium Assistant
2008 So Right Rie Sinclair Mixing
2008 Tooth & Nail Records: The Ultimate Collection Producer
2008 Younger Then Rie Sinclair Mixing
2007 Dawn Build an Ark Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2007 Full Attention Jeremy Riddle Mixing
2007 General Hospital Featured Songs, Vol. 1 Engineer, Mixing
2007 Ignorance/Surf Nicaragua Sacred Reich Assistant
2007 Poets & Pornstars [Wenzl Hopper] Poets & Pornstars Engineer, Audio Engineer
2006 Dirt/MTV Unplugged Alice in Chains Engineer
2006 Universal Mother Hu Vibrational Mixing, Mastering
2005 Greatest Hits The Offspring Engineer
2004 Pictures of Soul Omar Sosa Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2004 Technical Difficulties Training for Utopia Producer, Engineer
2003 Broken Glass Todd Shea Mastering, Production Consultant
2003 Last in Line The Conversation Engineer, Mixing
2003 Nothing Safe/Music Bank Alice in Chains Engineer
2003 Past, Present & Future Rob Zombie Producer
2003 The Ladder Of Divine Ascent Jet Black Summer Mixing
2001 Collective Stavesacre Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2001 Greatest Hits Alice in Chains Engineer
2001 Jar of Flies/Facelift/Dirt Alice in Chains Engineer
2000 One Frankie Machine Producer
2000 Spirits Pharoah Sanders Mastering
1999 Black & White Cafe R&B Engineer
1999 Contemplations Adam Rudolph Mixing
1999 F=O Disappointment Incorporated Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1999 Fear the Voices Alice in Chains Engineer
1999 Idle Hands Producer, Mixing
1999 Nothing Safe Alice in Chains Engineer
1999 She's Got Issues The Offspring Engineer
1999 Speakeasy Stavesacre Producer, Engineer
1999 Throwing a Wrench into the American Music Machine Training for Utopia Producer, Engineer
1999 Why Don't You Get a Job? [US] The Offspring Engineer
1998 Americana The Offspring Engineer
1998 Darkest Days Stabbing Westward Engineer
1998 Flight 16 Flight 16 Engineer
1998 Kids Aren't Alright [US CD Single] The Offspring Engineer
1998 Plastic Soul Impalement Training for Utopia Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1998 Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) The Offspring Engineer
1998 Project 86 Project 86 Producer, Engineer
1998 The Faculty Engineer
1997 Absolutes Stavesacre Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1997 God Money Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1997 Hang-Ups Goldfinger Mixing Assistant, Assistant
1997 Hide Here Forever Strictly Ballroom Engineer, Mixing
1997 Ixnay on the Hombre The Offspring Engineer
1997 Killing Culture Killing Culture Mixing
1997 Le Hot Show Elliot Kendall Engineer
1997 Wacko Magneto Ednaswap Engineer
1996 Bar Chord Ritual Rust Engineer
1996 Chicken Ednaswap Engineer
1996 Friction Stavesacre Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1996 Gotta Get over Greta The Nields Engineer
1996 Mata Leao Biohazard Producer, Engineer
1996 Tribute To Judas Priest Legends Of Metal Engineer, Mixing
1995 Driver Not Included Orange 9mm Engineer
1995 Ednaswap Ednaswap Engineer
1995 Hello Poe Engineer
1995 Mustard Seed Mustard Seed Producer
1995 Superfriends Sweet Water Engineer
1994 Airheads Producer
1994 Am I Wrong Love Spit Love Engineer
1994 Love Spit Love Love Spit Love Engineer
1994 Nativity in Black: Tribute to Black Sabbath Producer
1994 Reality Bites Engineer
1994 Skyway Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures Mixing
1993 Black Lodge [CD Single] Anthrax Engineer
1993 Black Lodge [Import] Anthrax Engineer
1993 Enter Sandman/One Die Krupps Mixing
1993 Independent Sacred Reich Engineer, Audio Engineer
1993 Indianism The Indians Engineer
1993 Kalifornia Engineer
1993 Sound of White Noise Anthrax Engineer
1993 The Beavis and Butt-Head Experience Producer
1993 Tribute to Metallica Die Krupps Mixing
1992 Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures Engineer, Mixing
1992 Break Like the Wind Spinal Tap Engineer
1992 Dirt Alice in Chains Engineer
1992 Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell Social Distortion Engineer
1992 That What Is Not Public Image Ltd. Engineer
1991 Burning Time Last Crack Engineer
1991 Circa Mary's Danish Assistant Engineer, Assistant
1991 Rattlebone [EP] Rattlebone Engineer
1991 Symbol of Salvation Armored Saint Engineer
1990 A Solitary Man Pete Levin Mixing Assistant
1990 Charmed Life Billy Idol Engineer
1988 Distant Thunder Helstar Assistant Engineer
1988 No Place for Disgrace Flotsam and Jetsam Assistant Engineer
Bee Sides Rie Sinclair Engineer
Reality Bites: 10th Anniversary Edition Engineer
Shining Knight Grame Grace Assistant Engineer
Transitions Something to Burn Engineer