Bill Korecky


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Year Album Artist
2015 1993-1997 Craw Engineer
2014 As the World Burns Pitch Black Forecast Engineer
2014 The Righteous and the Butterfly Mushroomhead Mixing
2012 Seventh Year of the Broken Mirror Order of Nine Engineer, Editing
2012 The Queen, the Night and the Liars Tenafly Viper Mastering
2012 Vanquish in Vengeance Incantation Engineer
2011 The New Psychodalia Jeffrey Nothing Mastering
2010 Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children Mushroomhead Mixing
2009 Saw VI [Soundtrack] Mixing
2009 The Final Conflict: Last Days Of God Acheron Producer, Engineer, Guest Artist, Keyboards
2008 A Means to Know End Order of Nine Audio Engineer, Audio Production
2008 Absentee Pitch Black Forecast Engineer, Mixing
2008 Ephemeral Subsistence Unreal City Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Audio Production
2007 Simple Mind Condition Trouble Engineer
2006 A Call to Arms State of Conviction Engineer, Mixing
2006 All These Things We'll Never Need Asleep Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2006 Ellwood City Donnie Iris Audio Engineer
2006 From the Falls to the Path Blush Engineer, Audio Engineer
2006 Primordial Domination Incantation Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2006 Savior Sorrow Mushroomhead Mixing, Audio Production
2005 Burn the Street, Vol. 3 Engineer
2005 Glorified Dirt/The True Face of Panic Premonitions of War Engineer
2005 Season of Reign Order of Nine Producer
2005 The Appalachian Twelve Gauge Massacre Brody's Militia Engineer, Audio Engineer
2005 The Exotic Sounds of the Alter Boys The Alter Boys Engineer, Mixing
2005 Unity for Insanity Prism Theory Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2004 Application for an Afterlife Disengage Producer, Engineer
2004 Decimate Christendom Incantation Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2004 Evil Lives: A True Metal Tribute to Black Sabbath Producer, Bass
2004 Inner Dialogue Dear Violet Engineer, Mixing
2004 Osyrus Osyrus Engineer
2004 Rebirth: Metamorphosing into Godhood Acheron Engineer, Audio Engineer, Photography
2004 The Sight & the Sound Coalition Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2004 We Burn Bridges Caligula Producer, Engineer
2003 Agony's Lament Soulless Producer, Engineer
2003 Breaking Point Coalition Engineer, Mixing
2003 Crave and Collapse Narcissus Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2003 End of Trust NDE Engineer
2003 Kisses From Hanoi/Horseshoes & Handgrenades The GC5 Engineer
2003 Lowest of the Low Terror Engineer
2003 Of Which They Bleed Withered Earth Producer, Engineer
2003 Taste the Sand Beatnik Termites Engineer
2003 Thumpfluid Thumpfluid Engineer, Mixing, Sampling
2003 XIII Mushroomhead Engineer
2002 Blasphemy Incantation Producer, Engineer
2002 Blush [EP] Blush Engineer
2002 Bodies for Strontium 90 Craw Engineer
2002 Closed Casket Secrets Final Plan / My Luck Producer, Engineer
2002 Dying for Life Antithesis Engineer
2002 Dynamite Up Your Ass Hellnation Engineer
2002 The Sign Offs Sign Offs Producer, Engineer
2002 The True Face of Panic Premonitions of War Engineer, Mixing
2002 Victory Style, Vol. 5 Engineer
2001 11: An Escape Artist Compilation Producer, Engineer
2001 Birth is Pain Ringworm Engineer
2001 Horseshoes & Hand Grenades The GC5 Engineer
2001 Human Larva: Earthly Cleansing Commit Suicide Engineer, Mixing
2001 Keelhaul Keelhaul Engineer
2001 Paying Ohmage 9 Shocks Terror Engineer
2001 Steal Your Girlfriend Ace & the Ragers Producer, Engineer
2001 The Loudest Times: 80's Metal Producer
2001 XX Mushroomhead Engineer
2000 Kisses From Hanoi The GC5 Producer, Engineer
2000 Premonitions of War Premonitions of War Engineer
2000 Psychosomatic Lost Angel Engineer, Mixing
2000 Red Eyed and Tongue Tied Silver Tongued Devil Producer, Engineer
2000 The Infernal Storm Incantation Producer, Engineer, Tracking
1999 Emo Diaries, Vol. 3: Moment of Truth Engineer
1999 Forever Never Ending Brother's Keeper Producer, Engineer
1999 Victory Singles, Vol. 4 Engineer
1998 Diabolical Conquest Incantation Producer, Engineer
1998 Hell on Earth In Cold Blood Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals
1998 Letterbox Brandtson Engineer
1998 Victory Singles, Vol. 2 Engineer
1997 Forsaken Mourning of Angelic Anguish Incantation Producer, Engineer, Tracking
1997 In a Time of Hate Endpoint Producer
1997 Map, Monitor, Surge Craw Engineer
1997 Price of Maturity Face Value Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1997 Seasons in the Size of Days Integrity Engineer, Guitar
1997 Taste of Every Sin Integrity Engineer
1997 The Road Less Traveled Six Feet Deep Engineer
1997 Youngsters Whatever Engineer
1996 Bubblecore Beatnik Termites Engineer, Mixing, Recorder
1996 Humanity Is the Devil Integrity Engineer
1995 CollisionCourseWithNoPlace Hatrix Engineer
1994 357 Knockout Asphalt Engineer, Mixing, Guitar
1994 Ace of Spades EP Spudmonsters Producer, Engineer
1994 Punk USA [Lookout] Producer, Engineer
1991 Those Who Fear Tomorrow Integrity Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Hello Cleveland Adam Marsland Engineer
Ladder Brother's Keeper Producer, Engineer