Bernhard Lang

Lang's repertoire includes jazz, rock, electronic, and techno. Along with conducting, he also does sound design for theater productions.

Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Schrift 3, for accordion solo 1997 Chamber Music
Schrift 2, for cello & digital mix 1996 Chamber Music
Differenz/Wiederholung 2, for 2 voices, rapper, guitar, violin & ensemble 2000 Vocal Music
Wenn die Landschaft aufhört, song for voice & piano 2015 Vocal Music
...For Franz (Monadologie XX), for piano trio 2012 Chamber Music
The Saucy Maid, monadologie XIII for 2 orchestras one quartertone apart 2013 Orchestral
Monadologie IV, for ensemble 2008 Chamber Music
DW12, cellular automata for piano 2003 Keyboard
differenz/wiederholung 7, for large orchestra & loop-generator 2002 Orchestral
Druck, monadologie No. 15 for 4 saxophones, 2 pianos & percussion Chamber Music
DW 3, for flute, accordion & cello 2000 Miscellaneous (Classical)
DW 15, songs/preludes, for alto zither, voice & CD-Einspielung 2003 Vocal Music
DW 8 for orchestra loops & 2 turntable soloists 2003 Electronic/Computer Music
Das Theater der Wiederholungen, opera Opera
Versuch über das Vergessen 2, for violin, electric guitar & tape 1995 Chamber Music
I Hate Mozart, opera Opera
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