Bart Thurber


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Year Album Artist
2016 4 Ways to the Center U.K. Subs Engineer
2015 Ballsier The Grannies Engineer
2009 The Coolest Songs in the World, Vol. 8 Audio Production
2008 Fear Power God Producer
2008 Hatest Grits: B-Sides and Bullshit Swingin' Utters Engineer, Mixing
2008 Silver Dollars Axton Kincaid Audio Production
2007 A Child But in Life Yet a Doctor in Love Magic Bullets Engineer
2007 Love at First Fight Fabulous Disaster Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2007 Mass Destruction Deadfall Engineer
2007 Songs from the Pine Room Axton Kincaid Engineer
2007 Stickeen Capitan Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2006 Inside the Dark Mountain The Slow Break Engineer
2006 Let It Out Walty Engineer, Mixing
2006 Love That's Last: A Wholly Hypnographic and Disturbing Work Regarding Oxbow Oxbow Engineer
2006 Selected Works: A Match Made in Hell Voetsek Engineer
2006 The Locust Years Hammers of Misfortune Drum Engineering
2005 Burning Episode Vulgar Pigeons Engineer
2005 Louder Than Hell Mixing
2005 Rock 'N' Roll Napalm The Resistoleros Audio Production
2005 Sex, Drugs and Alcohol The Cliftons Engineer, Mixing
2005 The Naysayers Naysayers Engineer
2005 Thrasher Mag: Skate Rock, Vol. 12: Eat the Flag Engineer
2005 Tomorrow Will Be Worse, Vol. 4 Engineer
2005 Two Minutes Enlightenment Onion Flavored Rings Engineer
2004 & Brand the Ground with Storm and Song The Shivering Engineer, Photography
2004 1996-1999: Years In Ruin Capitalist Casualties Engineer, Audio Engineer
2004 Born in a Bar Strychnine Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2004 Destroyed by Your Own Device Deadfall Engineer
2004 From Gutter With Love Pidgeon Producer, Engineer, Production Assistant
2004 Imperialism Vulgar Pigeons Engineer, Audio Engineer
2004 Killer on Craig's List The Texas Thieves Engineer, Audio Engineer
2004 Platters of Splatter Exhumed Engineer
2004 South 11th Street Mute Angst Envy Engineer
2003 Armando The Cosmos Engineer
2003 Circle Our Empire Rudiments Engineer, Audio Engineer
2003 Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us Born Dead Engineer
2002 Daddy's Girl Here Kitty Kitty Engineer
2002 Every Dog Will Have It's Day, Vol. 2 Engineer
2002 Freaks and Healers The Fire Sermon Engineer
2002 Haight Street Bus Ride Walty Engineer, Mixing
2001 Been Where? Did What? Tilt Engineer, Mixing
2001 Cheap Shots and Low Blows, Vol. 1: The TKO Singles 1997-1998 Engineer
2001 Crappy Clubs and Smelly Pubs Reducers SF Engineer
2001 Dog Tired and Then Some Workin' Stiffs Engineer
2001 Dudes and Bros Exploding Crustaceans Engineer
2001 Live from the Justice League Angelic Upstarts Mixing
2001 Peasants by Birth Krupted Peasant Farmers Recorder
2001 Play Every Day Baby Carrot Engineer
2001 Punch Drunk, Vol. 3 Engineer
2001 Red Giant Evolution Fury 66 Engineer
2001 Tomorrow Will Be Worse, Vol. 1 Engineer
2000 Cheerleaders for Imperialism Hellnation Engineer
2000 Deadbodieseverywhere Deadbodieseverywhere Producer
2000 Drome Triler of Puzzle Zoo People Gasp Engineer
2000 East West Blast Test [Slap-A-Ham] Chris Dodge Engineer, Mixing, Recording
2000 No Perfect Machine Fury 66 Engineer
2000 Punch Drunk, Vol. 2 Engineer
2000 Sounds of the Geographically Challenged Engineer
2000 Stand Fast Armageddon Justice Fighter What Happens Next Engineer
2000 Withering Strands of Hope Benumb Producer, Engineer
1999 Caveat Emptor Ancient Chinese Secret Engineer
1999 So Were They in Some Sort of Fight? A Minor Forest Engineer, Mixing
1999 Soapbox Gina Chiala Engineer
1999 Subdivisions in Ruin Capitalist Casualties Engineer, Audio Engineer
1998 Cry Now, Cry Later, Vols. 1-2 Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
1998 Extra Medium Kickball All-Star Fifteen Engineer
1998 Psychoska 1990-1993 Los Rudiments / Rudiments Engineer
1998 SFI/Sweatin' Like a Whore in Church The Idiots Engineer, Mixing
1998 Soul of the Martyr Benumb Engineer
1998 Working on the Bomb Gun & Doll Show Engineer
1997 Awful Friendly Me First Producer, Engineer
1997 Capitalist Casualties Capitalist Casualties Engineer
1997 Kamikaze Attacks America, Yankee Bombs Engineer
1997 Reach New Idol Son Producer, Mixing
1997 Spazz & Romantic Gorilla Spazz Engineer, Mixing
1997 Splashed with Many a Speck Engineer
1997 Sweatin' to the Oldies Spazz Engineer
1996 Stone Fox Stone Fox Engineer, Mixing
1996 Subcreature Whipping Boy Guitar
1996 Super Mixer Engineer
1996 Superwinners Summer Rock Academy Mixing
1996 There Is No Place Like Home [EP] Fifteen Guitar
1995 Evolve It Is I Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1995 Hooked on Moronics Diesel Queens Engineer
1995 Killing Floor Killing Floor Engineer, Mixing
1995 Nostalgic for Nothing J Church Engineer
1995 Retrofitted for Today Odd Numbers Engineer
1995 Well Jack Killed Jill Audio Engineer
1994 Archetype Mute Against Envy / Mute Angst Envy Engineer
1993 Light This Candle Bridget Engineer
1993 Teen Trash, Vol. 8: The E-Types! The E-Types! Engineer
1992 Disassembly Line Capitalist Casualties Engineer
1992 Flatten Scrub Producer, Engineer
1992 King of the Jews Oxbow Engineer, Main Personnel
1992 Souls at Zero Neurosis Engineer
1991 Archetype/Trust Mute Angst Envy Engineer
1991 The Big One: San Francisco/Los Angeles Engineer
1987 A.W.O.L. U.K. Subs Engineer
A Second Sun Parallel Universe Engineer
Force/Quit Buried at Birth Engineer, Mixing
Listen to the Birds Sing You the Truth Sam Mellon Analog Engineer
Sort of. Not Really. Kind of. But Badly Executed The Cosmos Engineer, Mixing