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Year Album Artist
2015 Brahms: Recaptured by Pupils & Colleagues Record Label
2015 Cultural Death: Music Under Tyranny Oskar Fried / Alfred Hoehn / Oswald Kabasta Record Label
2013 Chopin Through Text and Sound Mieczyslaw Horszowski Record Label
2011 Japanese Traditional Music: Koto – Shamisen Kokusai Bunka Shinokai 1941 Record Label
2009 Bartók in the Desert: The Art of Irén Marik Irén Marik Record Label
2008 Beethoven, Mendelssohn: Piano Concertos Mieczyslaw Horszowski Record Label
2008 Charles Tournemire: Complete Recordings Charles Tournemire Record Label
2008 Japanese Traditional Music: 1941 Recordings of the Kokusai Bunkashinkokai Record Label
2008 Scriabin chez Scriabin Vladimir Sofronitsky Record Label
2008 Stravinsky: Music for Four Hands Paul Jacobs / Ursula Oppens Record Label
2007 From Mozart to Messiaen Irén Marik Record Label
2007 Lifting the Veil: The First Bluesmen Rev. Gary Davis Record Label
2007 Mahler's Disciple Oskar Fried Record Label
2006 Arnold Rosé, First Violin of Vienna Arnold Rosé Record Label
2006 Dancers of Bali Gamelan of Peliatan 1952 Record Label
2006 From Bach to Bartók Irén Marik Record Label
2005 Rediscovered Master Madeleine de Valmalète Record Label
2005 Samuil Feinberg in Sound and Thought Samuel Feinberg Record Label
2005 Schubert Recital; Bach & Mozart Concertos Mieczyslaw Horszowski Record Label
2005 The Centaur Pianist: Complete Studio Recordings, 1910-1928 Eugen d'Albert Record Label
2004 Legendary Conductors: Strauss, Weingartner, Fried Oskar Fried Record Label
2004 Long Lonesome Blues: Lemon's Texts Revealed Blind Lemon Jefferson Record Label
2004 The Chaliapin Edition, Vol. 5: 1921-1923, American & British Recordings Feodor Chaliapin Record Label
2004 The Essential Pachmann: 1907-1927, Early and Unissued Recordings Vladimir de Pachmann Record Label
2003 A Chopin Recital, 1952-1963 Leo Sirota Record Label
2003 Bruno Walter in Concert: With Huberman's Last Recorded Performance Bruno Walter Record Label
2003 Continuing Story of Counterpoint Parts 1 & 3 David Borden Record Label
2003 First Recordings, Paris: 1936-1948 André Marchal Record Label
2003 Hindemith as Interpreter Amar-Hindemith Quartet Record Label
2002 Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique; Ravel: Rapsodie espagnole Bruno Walter Record Label
2002 Busoni and his Legacy: Piano Recordings by Busoni, Ley, Petri Ferruccio Busoni Record Label
2002 Lost Sounds of the Tao Lo Ka Ping Record Label
2002 The Chaliapin Edition, Vol. 4: 1913-21 (Song Repertoire) Feodor Chaliapin Record Label
2001 Ancient Court Rage Traditions Ashok Pathak Record Label
2001 Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 32; Piano Concerto No. 4 Pietro Scarpini Record Label
2001 Chaliapin Edition, Vol. 2 1908-1911 Feodor Chaliapin Record Label
2001 Morini in Concert Erica Morini Record Label
2001 Pachmann: The Mythic Pianist, 1907-1927 Vladimir de Pachmann Record Label
2001 Paul Jacobs in Recital Paul Jacobs Record Label
2001 The Chaliapin Edition, Vol. 3: 1911-1914 - La Scala Recordings Feodor Chaliapin Record Label
2000 Dances and Trances: Sufi Rites and Berber Music from Taroudannt, Morocco Record Label
2000 Gieseking private recording 1924-45 Walter Gieseking Record Label
2000 Schnabel Trio & Duo: Brahms - Chamber Music with Szigeti & Fournier Artur Schnabel Record Label
2000 The Chaliapin Edition, Vol. 1, 1902 - 1908 Feodor Chaliapin Record Label
1999 Bali: Roots of Gamlan Record Label
1999 Dvorak/Brahms: Violin Concertos Adolf Busch Record Label
1999 Feinberg: First Recordings, 1929-1948 Samuel Feinberg Record Label
1999 Horszowski plays Beethoven Mieczyslaw Horszowski Record Label
1999 Moiseiwitsch in Recital: Chopin, Stravinsky, Liszt Transcriptions Benno Moiseiwitsch Record Label
1999 Tiegermann: The Lost Legend of Cairo Ignace Tiegerman Record Label
1998 André Marchal: 1956 Zodiac Recordings André Marchal Record Label
1998 Bach Recital Mieczyslaw Horszowski Record Label
1998 Beethoven: Quartets, Opp. 59/3 & 130; String Trio Op. 3; Mozart: Trio Busch String Quartet Record Label
1998 Concert and Recital Recrdings Bronislaw Huberman Record Label
1998 Emil von Sauer Recordings 1940 Emil von Sauer Record Label
1998 The Sirota Archives: Rare Russian Masterpieces Leo Sirota Record Label
1997 Huberman in recital New York 1936-44 Bronislaw Huberman Record Label
1997 Kapell in Recital William Kapell Record Label
1997 Morini Plays Mozart Erica Morini Record Label
1997 Morini in Concert Erica Morini Record Label
1997 The Hambourg Legacy Mark Hambourg / Michal Hambourg Record Label
1996 Brahms: Works for Piano Walter Gieseking Record Label
1996 Mozart: The Complete Piano Sonatas (9-19), Vol. 2 Mieczyslaw Horszowski Record Label
1993 Maurice Ravel: Le Tombeau de Couperin; Gaspard de la Nuit; Valses Nobles et Sentimentales Anton Batagov Record Label
1979 Legendary Busoni Recordings Paul Jacobs Record Label
Bali 1928, Vol. 3: Lotring and the Sources of Gamelan Tradition Record Label
Bali 1928, Vol. 4: Music for Temple Festivals and Death Rituals Record Label
Bali 1928, Vol. 5: Vocal Music in Dance Dramas Record Label
Bali 1928-Anthology: The First Recordings Record Label
Behind the Notes: Brahms Performed by Colleagues & Pupils Record Label
Colossus Arbiter Record Label
Masters of Chopin Ignaz Friedman / Ignace Tiegerman Record Label
Masters of the French Piano Tradition Francis Planté Record Label
Mozart: The Complete Piano Sonatas, Vol. 1: Sonatas Nos. 1-8 Mieczyslaw Horszowski Record Label
Sonata Recital: Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms Erica Morini Record Label
Tchaikovsky & Others: Russian Visionaries - From Glinka to the Firebird Record Label
The Art of Roman Totenberg: From Bach to Webern - Recodrings from 1943-1996 Roman Totenberg Record Label
Tokyo Farewell Recital & Liszt Broadcast Record Label
Tokyo Farewell Recital: Liszt Broadcast Leo Sirota Record Label