Aram Heller


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Year Album Artist
2008 Dawn of the Cycads Birdsongs of the Mesozoic Graphic Design
2007 Lightning 1968-1971 Lightning Package Design
2006 Classical A-Go-Go Frankenstein Consort Package Design
2006 Siente Me: Popular Avenues 3 Edita Gruberov√° Text
2006 Victorious The Victors Package Design
2004 Jet Lady Tangela Tricoli Design
2004 Party Party Party: 34 Raw, Ruthless And Rugged Sixties Garage Rockers Package Design
2004 Play New Rose for Me Bass
2004 Sigh Cry Die: 29 Garage Rock Tales of Woe and Despair from the Sixties Package Design
2003 A Deadly Dose of Wylde Psych Graphic Design
2003 Disco Still Sucks! Bob Hocko / Swamp Rats Booklet Design
2003 Only in America, Vol. 2 Design
2003 Sound on Sound Erik Lindgren Design
2003 Xmas Snertz: Have a Very Gulcher Christmas! Guitar
2001 Erik Lindgren Sells Out Erik Lindgren Package Design
2001 High Towers Legends Package Design
2001 The Arf! Arf! (El Cheapo) 2-CD Sampler Package Design
2000 Buzz Buzz Buzzzzzz, Vol. 1 Package Design
2000 The Canadian American Story Package Design
1999 $100 Fine [Arf Arf] The Litter Package Design
1999 Lost Tapes 1965-1966 The Lost Design
1999 Second Wind The Rising Storm Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar (Bass), Bass, Package Design, Story
1998 Eastern PA 60's Soul Design
1998 Eastern PA Rock, Vol. 1 (1961-1966) Design
1998 Eastern PA Rock, Vol. 2 (1966-1969) Design
1998 Flyte (1967-1968) The Flowerz Design
1998 In Retrospect 1969-70 6 Feet Under Design
1998 No No No Design
1998 Pat Farrell & the Believers (1966-1968) Pat Farrell Graphic Design, Design
1998 Yeah Yeah Yeah Design
1997 A Heavy Dose of Lyte Psych Graphic Design
1997 Overdose of Heavy Psych Graphic Design
1997 Peter Rabbit Dee Jay & The Runaways Package Design
1997 Space Amazon Pandora Graphic Design
1996 House Party 1964-'66: Rockin' Sounds from Boston's South Shore The Bourbons Design
1996 In Search of the Most Unforgettable Tree We Ever Met (1967-1974) David Arvedon Design, Interviewer
1996 New England Teen Scene: Unreleased! 1965-1968 Design
1994 New England Teen Scene Liner Notes
1992 Dig Archaeology 1980-1990 The Space Negros Guitar
1992 Dig Archaeology, Vol. 2: 1975-1986 The Space Negros Guitar
1991 Vendetta The Brood Mixing
1989 Ham and Sam Jammin' Plan 9 Engineer
1968 Waleeco Flat Earth Society Design
1967 Distortions The Litter Package Design
1967 Peak Impressions Freeborne Package Design
1966 Little Miss Sad The Five Emprees Package Design
Erik Lindgren: Bespoke Package Design
Soldiers Of Pure Peace The Knowbody Else Package Design
Yin Yang a-Go-Go: 360 Degrees of Organized Sound (1972-2005) Erik Lindgren Package Design