Antoine Busnois

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Antoine Busnois was a highly prolific composer whose works typify the Burgundian style of the last quarter of the 15th century.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Missa "L'homme arme", for 4 voices 1460 Choral
Le serviteur, rondeau for 4 voices (attributed) 1500 Vocal Music
Fortuna disperata, for 3 or 4 voices (possibly spurious) 1470 Choral Vocal Music
Fortuna desperata Vocal Music
In hydraulis, motet for 4 voices 1465 Choral Vocal Music
Missa "O crux lignum triumphale", for 4 voices Choral
Victimae paschali laudes, motet for 4 voices 1470 Choral Vocal Music
Guade coelestis domina, motet for 4 voices Choral Vocal Music
Anima mea liquefacta ets / Strips Jesse, motet for 3 voices Choral Vocal Music
Anthoni usque limina, motet for 4 voices Choral Vocal Music
Noel, noel, motet for 4 voices 1493 Choral
Ja que lui ne s'i attende, virelai for 3 voices Vocal Music
Amours nous traitte honnestement / Je m'en vois au vert bois, rondeau for 4 voices Vocal Music
Est-il merci, rondeau for 3 voices Vocal Music
Je ne fay plus, rondeau for 3 voices (also attrib. to Compère and to Mureau) Vocal Music
Work(s) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Regina caeli (i), antiphon for 4 voices Choral
Cent mille escus quant je vouldroye, rondeau for 3/4 voices (also attrib. to P.Caron) Choral
Je ne puis vivre ainsi, virelai for 3 voices Vocal Music
Resjöis-toy terre de France / Rex pacificus magnificatus est, for 4 voices (attributed) Vocal Music
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