Andrew "Mushroom" Vowles


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Year Album Artist
2015 Lux Voces8 Composer
2013 Space and Time Nicky Schrire Composer
2010 Ministry of Sound: Chilled Acoustic Composer
2009 Renaissance 3D Roger Sanchez Composer
2008 101 90's Hits Composer
2008 Later...the First 15 Years Composer
2008 Relax Composer
2008 Tidy Music Library Issue 2 Composer
2007 Director's Cut: Music from the Films of Michael Mann Composer
2007 Hand Built by Robots Newton Faulkner Composer
2006 Bite Size Massive Attack Massive Attack Composer
2006 Collected Massive Attack Member of Attributed Artist, Composer
2006 Keep on Movin' Composer
2006 Perfecto Chills, Vol. 3 Composer
2006 Soho Hotel Composer
2005 Another World Is Possible Composer
2005 Bertallosophie Rew Composer
2005 Method to the Madness Mad Professor Composer
2005 The Best Of Claude Challe Claude Challe Composer
2005 The Original Chillout Album [EMI Gold] Composer
2005 The String Quartet Tribute to Massive Attack Composer
2005 The Work of Director Stéphane Sednaoui [DVD] Composer
2005 The Work of Jonathan Glazer [DVD] Composer
2004 Abre los Ojos Composer
2004 Beach Bar Culture Composer
2004 Bittersweet Love Songs: The Two Sides Of Composer
2004 Chilled in the Sun Composer
2004 DJ-Kicks Daddy G Composer
2004 FIFA 2000: Album Composer
2004 Global Sunset Mixed by Pathaan Composer
2004 Music for Cocktails, Vol. 2 Composer
2004 Piano Works Craig Armstrong Composer
2004 Pure Moods: Celestial Celebration Composer
2004 To Be Someone Composer
2004 Zen, Vol. 2 Composer
2003 Asian Vibes Composer
2003 Back to Life Composer
2003 FHM Composer
2003 Live Forever: The Best of Britpop Composer
2003 Peace Not War Composer
2003 Revolusongs Sepultura Composer
2003 Roorback Sepultura Composer
2002 10 Years Later with Jools Holland Composer
2002 Blue Lines/Protection/Mezzanine Massive Attack Composer
2002 Buddha Lounge Strater and Damen Composer
2002 Classical Chillout Composer
2002 Essential Electronic Jazz Composer
2002 Geisha Lounge Composer
2002 Karma Collection Ministry Offer Composer
2002 Like the Deserts Miss the Rain Everything But the Girl Composer
2002 Pure Chillout Composer
2002 Q Anthems Composer
2002 Sirene Composer
2002 The Chillout Annual 2002 Composer
2001 50,000,000 DJs Can't Be Wrong, Vol. 1: Mixed up Beats Composer
2001 Asia Lounge: Asian Flavoured Club Tunes Composer
2001 Back to Mine Talvin Singh Composer
2001 Chillout Moods: Another Green World Composer
2001 Clubbed Out, Vol. 2 Composer
2001 Karma Lounge [Echo] Composer
2001 MTV Extreme Composer
2001 Protection/No Protection Massive Attack Composer
2001 Snatch Composer
2001 Space Night, Vol. 5 Composer
2001 The Chill Out Album, Vol. 2: Soft Mixed Composer
2001 The Chillout Session, Vol. 2 Composer
2001 Ultra Chilled, Vol. 1 Composer
2000 Chilled Ibiza Composer
2000 Dreamworld: Essential Late Night Listening Composer
2000 Film 2000 Composer
2000 Mantra Mix Composer
2000 Music of the Millennium, Vol. 2 [Universal] Composer
1999 Anine: The Remix Album Massive Attack Composer
1999 Back to Mine Dave Seaman Composer
1999 Best Laid Plans Composer
1999 King Size Dub, Vol. 4 Composer
1999 Moods Box Set Composer
1999 Planet Electrica: Protection Composer
1999 Stigmata Composer
1999 The Chill Out Album Composer
1999 The Insider Lisa Gerrard Composer
1998 Angel Massive Attack Composer
1998 Club Hits '98-99 Composer
1998 Complete Dubnology Composer
1998 First Generation: Virgin 25 Years Composer
1998 Inertia Creeps Massive Attack Composer
1998 Instrumental Moods Composer
1998 Mezzanine Massive Attack Composer
1998 Montecarlo Nights Collection Composer
1998 Pi Composer
1998 Pure Moods, Vol. 2 Composer
1998 Singles 90/98 Massive Attack Composer
1998 Teardrop [CD EP Single] Massive Attack Composer
1998 The Space Between Us Craig Armstrong Composer
1997 187: The Music Composer
1997 Bside Altrisuoni Da Radiodeejay Composer
1997 City of Industry Composer
1997 Club Hits '97 [Time Unlimited] Composer
1997 Electronica: Full On Big Beats Composer
1997 Future: A Journey Through the Electric Underground Composer
1997 Nowhere Composer
1997 Risingson Massive Attack Composer
1997 Welcome to Sarajevo Composer
1996 Ambient Moods [Polygram] Composer
1996 Best Album in the World...Ever! Vol. 2 Composer
1996 Best Album in the World...Ever! Vol. 3 Composer
1996 Dubnology, Vol. 2: Lost in Bass Composer
1996 Headz II: Part A Composer
1996 Later, Vol. 2: Slow Beats Composer
1996 Mission: Impossible [Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture] Composer
1996 Montecarlo Nights, Vol. 6 Composer
1996 Priority Tunes Composer
1996 Special Brew [ffrr] Composer
1996 The Beautiful Game Composer
1996 The Best of Everything But the Girl Everything But the Girl Composer
1996 The Fan Composer
1996 The Number One Rap Album Composer
1996 This Is Trip-Hop [Phantom] Composer
1995 Brit Awards 1995 Composer
1995 Deadline for My Memories Billie Ray Martin Composer
1995 No Protection: Massive Attack Vs. Mad Professor Mad Professor / Massive Attack Composer
1995 Now: 1995 Composer
1995 Piano Jazz Composer
1995 Rebirth of Cool, Vol. 5 [UK] Composer
1995 Wasted [Volume] Composer
1994 Protection Massive Attack Composer
1994 Sly Massive Attack Composer
1994 Volume 12 Composer
1993 Aural Opiates Composer
1991 Blue Lines Massive Attack Keyboards, Composer
1990 Daydreaming Massive Attack Composer
100% Acid Jazz, Vol. 2 Composer
Ambience: Contemporary Moods Composer
Blue Lines: The Remixes Massive Attack Composer
Chillout Classics [MOS] Composer
Indie World Composer
Launch: For Your Ears Only Composer
Mezzanine: The Remixes Massive Attack Composer
Protection: The Remixes Massive Attack Composer
Really Free Composer
Spirits of Nature, Vol. 1 Composer
Various Composer