Anders Lind


(1-74 of 74)
Year Album Artist
2015 Freedom Refused Composer
2013 Woodpecker Annamy Mastering
2009 Love Bomb: Live 1967-1969 Blossom Toes Engineer, Audio Engineer
2008 Pigs Lose David Sandstrom Overdrive Guest Artist, Piano, Organ, MIDI
2007 Baby Grandmothers Baby Grandmothers Engineer
2006 Air Raid Serenades The Hellacopters Engineer
2006 Delayed Älgarnas Trädgård Engineer, Mixing
2006 Done with Loveless Days Dub Sweden Mixing
2006 Lunghorn Twist Accordion Tribe Mastering
2006 Samme Stof Som Stof Under Byen Engineer
2005 Cream of the Crap!, Vol. 2 The Hellacopters Photography
2005 Long Hard Nights Deadbeats / The Deadbeats Mastering
2003 1989-2003 Hedningarna Engineer
2003 Bergman Rock Bergman Rock Assistant Engineer
2003 Get Shot Fireside Engineer
2003 Heavy Surf Heavy Surf Mixing
2003 I Retur Turid Mixing
2003 Nerves First Floor Power Engineer, Mixing
2003 We Love You: A Tribute to the Rolling Stones Engineer
2002 Enemies of Silence Kpist Group Member
2001 Together in the Darkness Hederos & Hellberg / Hedros Engineer
2001 Urgasm Urga Engineer
2000 Himself Anders Norudde Engineer
1999 Grande Rock The Hellacopters Engineer
1998 Hansson & Karlsson Hansson & Karlsson Remastering
1998 Skelleftea The Wannadies Mixing
1998 Supershitty to the Max! The Hellacopters Assistant Engineer
1998 Voltage Controlled K-Pist Engineer, Band
1997 Whirled Väsen Engineer
1995 Being Young The Confusions Mixing
1994 XII Sibiriska Cyklar & Vill du Höra Mer Lars Hollmer Mixing
1980 Familjesprickor (Family Cracks) Zamla Mammaz Manna Mixing
1978 Schlagerns Mystik/För Äldre Nybegynnare Zamla Mammaz Manna Engineer, Mixing
1977 Ragnarök Ragnarok Engineer
1975 Attic Thoughts Bo Hansson Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1974 Klossa Knapitatet Samla Mammas Manna Engineer, Mixing
1974 Magician's Hat Bo Hansson Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1973 Kebnekajse Kebnekajse Engineer, Audio Engineer, Remastering
1973 Måltid Samla Mammas Manna Engineer, Mixing
1972 Lord of the Rings Bo Hansson Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
1971 Resa Mot Okänt Mål Kebnekajse Remastering
1971 Samla Mammas Manna Samla Mammas Manna Engineer
1970 Handgjort Handgjort Producer, Engineer, Remastering, Track Selection, Proof Reading, Revision
1970 Träd, Gräs Och Stenar Träd Engineer
1969 Hemåt International Harvester Engineer, Remixing
1968 Sov Gott Rose-Marie International Harvester Engineer, Remastering
Like a River Beate Engineer, Recording