Allan Pettersson

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Pettersson was a symphonist of the 20th century, specializing in giant, single-movement structures chronicling pain and despair.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Barefoot Songs (24), for voice & piano 1943 Vocal Music
Symphony No. 14 1978 Symphony
Symphony No. 8 1968 Symphony
Symphony No.16, for alto saxophone and orchestra 1979 Symphony
Symphony No.7 1966 Symphony
Symphony No.2 1952 Symphony
Symphony No.5 1960 Symphony
Concerto for String Orchestra No.1 1949 Concerto
Symphony No.13 1976 Symphony
Symphony No. 12 ("The Dead in the Marketplace") 1973 Symphony
Concerto for String Orchestra No.2 1956 Concerto
Symphony No.15 1978 Symphony
Symphonic Movement (Symfonisk Sats), for orchestra 1973 Orchestral
Symphony No.3 1954 Symphony
Symphony No.9 1970 Symphony
Symphony No.11 1973 Symphony
Symphony No.4 1958 Symphony
Elegies (2) for violin & piano 1934 Chamber Music
Symphony No.10 1972 Symphony
Symphony No.6 1963 Symphony
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