Albert Roussel

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Though less well known than Ravel and Debussy, Roussel is nevertheless regarded as an important figure in early 20th century French music.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Joueurs de flûte, for flute & piano, Op. 27 1924 Chamber Music
Symphony No. 3 in G minor, Op. 42 1929 Symphony
Ségovia for guitar, Op. 29 1925 Chamber Music
Symphony No. 4 in A major, Op. 53 1934 Symphony
Bacchus et Ariane, ballet, Op. 43 1930 Ballet
Sérénade for flute, violin, viola, cello & harp, Op. 30 1925 Chamber Music
Sinfonietta for strings, Op. 52 1934 Orchestral
Impromptu for harp, Op. 21 1919 Chamber Music
Divertissement for piano & wind quintet, Op. 6 1906 Chamber Music
Le Festin de l'araignée, ballet, Op. 17 1912 Ballet
Bacchus et Ariane, Suite No. 2 1930 Orchestral
Le festin de l'araignée, symphonic fragments for orchestra 1913 Orchestral
Andante and scherzo, for flute & piano, Op. 51 1934 Chamber Music
Suite for orchestra in F major, Op. 33 1926 Orchestral
Poèmes (2) of Ronsard, for voice & flute, Op. 26 1924 Vocal Music
Petite suite, for orchestra, Op. 39 1929 Orchestral
Le Marchand de sable qui passe, incidental music, Op. 13 1908 Orchestral
Trio for flute, viola & cello, Op. 40 1929 Chamber Music
Concerto for piano & orchestra in G major, Op. 36 Concerto
Symphony No. 1 in D minor ("Le poème de la forêt"), Op. 7 1906 Symphony
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