Adam Kasper


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Year Album Artist
2015 Meliora Ghost Engineer
2015 Naples #GU41 James Lavelle Engineer, Mixing
2015 Up Pop Evil Producer, Engineer
2014 Echo of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across the Path Soundgarden Assistant Engineer, Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2014 Echo of Miles: The Originals Soundgarden Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2014 Monuments Ume Producer, Mixing
2013 5 Classic Albums Soundgarden Engineer, Producer
2013 Satyricon Satyricon Mixing
2013 The Essential Pearl Jam Pearl Jam Producer, Engineer
2013 West of Memphis: Voices for Justice [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Mixing, Producer
2012 Avengers Assemble [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Producer
2012 King Animal Soundgarden Producer, Piano, Tambura
2012 The Classic Album Selection Soundgarden Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Liner Notes, Assistant, Introduction, Piano
2011 As the Valley of Death Becomes Us, Our Silver Memories Fade A Storm of Light Engineer
2011 Live on I-5 Soundgarden Engineer, Mixing, Liner Notes
2011 Ukulele Songs Eddie Vedder Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2011 Vs./Vitalogy/Live at the Orpheum Theater, Boston, April 12, 1994 Pearl Jam Assistant
2010 Eat Pray Love [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2010 Icon Nirvana Engineer
2010 Telephantasm Soundgarden Assistant, Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2009 Greatest Hits Foo Fighters Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2009 The Great American Midrange The Elms Mixing
2007 Bullets and Bruises Autovein Mixing
2007 Into the Wild [Original Soundtrack] Eddie Vedder Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2006 Fingerprints Peter Frampton Engineer, Mixing
2006 Little Mule Leah Siegel Mixing
2006 Make This Your Own The Cooper Temple Clause Mixing
2006 Pearl Jam Pearl Jam Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2005 High Cost of Low Living Hugh Dillon Mixing
2005 Hipeponymous The Tragically Hip Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2005 Sliver: The Best of the Box Nirvana Audio Engineer, Mixing, Assembly
2005 The 2nd Hater Producer, Mixing, Remixing
2005 The Vanity Project The Vanity Project Mixing
2005 Yer Favourites The Tragically Hip Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2004 Attention Dimension Jack Irons Mixing
2004 Everyone Is Here Finn Brothers Engineer, Audio Engineer, Recording
2004 In Between Evolution The Tragically Hip Producer, Mixing, Audio Production
2004 Plague Music Vaux Producer, Mixing, Audio Production
2004 Probot Probot Engineer, Mixing
2004 Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-2003 Pearl Jam Producer, Engineer, Audio Production
2004 Sunset on Dateland Visqueen Mixing
2004 With the Lights Out Nirvana Mixing, Assembly
2003 Big Fish [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Danny Elfman Producer
2003 Lost Dogs: Rarities and B Sides Pearl Jam Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2003 Love Boat Captain Pearl Jam Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2003 Reconstruction Site The Weakerthans Mixing
2003 Rooney Rooney Producer, Engineer
2003 Save You Pearl Jam Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2003 Times Like These Foo Fighters Producer, Mixing
2003 Tribe Queensr├┐che Engineer, Mixing
2003 Wellwater Conspiracy Wellwater Conspiracy Mixing
2003 You Are Free Cat Power Engineer, Mixing
2002 A Walk to Remember Producer
2002 Friendships Often Fade Away Audio Learning Center Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2002 I Am Mine Pearl Jam Producer, Engineer
2002 Nirvana Nirvana Engineer, Mixing
2002 One by One Foo Fighters Producer, Engineer
2002 Riot Act Pearl Jam Producer, Engineer, Piano
2002 Songs for the Deaf Queens of the Stone Age Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2002 WWF Forceable Entry Mixing
2002 WWF Tough Enough, Vol. 2 Mixing
2002 XXX Mixing
2001 Another Year on the Streets, Vol. 2 Producer
2001 ECW Anarchy Rocks Extreme Music, Vol. 2 Producer
2001 Orange County [2 CD] Producer, Mixing
2001 Slomotion The Watchmen Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2001 Tenacious D Tenacious D Engineer
2001 The Scroll and Its Combinations Wellwater Conspiracy Mixing
2000 13 Ways to Bleed on Stage Cold Producer
2000 Breakout Foo Fighters Producer
2000 MTV: The Return of the Rock, Vol. 2 Producer
2000 March to Fuzz Mudhoney Engineer
2000 My Favorite Headache Geddy Lee Engineer, Drum Engineering, Drum Recordings
2000 Tangents: The Tea Party Collection The Tea Party Mixing
1999 Brotherhood of Electric: Operational Directives Wellwater Conspiracy Producer
1999 Into the Pink Verbena Engineer, Mixing
1999 There Is Nothing Left to Lose Foo Fighters Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1998 Girl Crushes Boy Smile Engineer, Mixing
1998 Silent Radar The Watchmen Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1998 Stegosaurus Stegosaurus Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1998 Stickfigure Feedbag Mixing
1998 Tomorrow Hit Today Mudhoney Engineer
1997 A-Sides Soundgarden Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
1997 Feeling You Up Truly Producer
1997 Lili Lili Haydn Engineer
1997 Rock Collection Pond Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1997 Transmission The Tea Party Mixing
1996 Amazing Disgrace The Posies Mixing
1996 Dead Man Walking: Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1996 Down on the Upside Soundgarden Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Piano
1996 El Scorcho [Single] Weezer Mixing
1996 Hunk Hunk Engineer
1996 M.O.M., Vol. 1: Music for Our Mother Ocean Assistant Engineer
1996 Pinkerton Weezer Engineer
1996 Subject to Change Producer
1996 The Good Life - OZ EP Weezer Mixing
1995 Alive in the Superunknown Soundgarden Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
1995 Animal [US CD] Pearl Jam Assistant
1995 Go [US] Pearl Jam Assistant
1995 Northwest Ungrunge Mixing
1995 Spanaway Seaweed Producer, Percussion
1995 The Luv Show Ann Magnuson Engineer
1995 The Practice of Joy Before Death Pond Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1994 Big Ones Aerosmith Engineer
1994 Day I Tried to Live Soundgarden Assistant Engineer
1994 Dissident [US CD] Pearl Jam Assistant Producer
1994 PCU [Original Soundtrack] Engineer
1994 Superunknown Soundgarden Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant, Mixing
1994 True Lies Brad Fiedel Mixing
1994 Vitalogy Pearl Jam Assistant Engineer, Assistant
1993 Frosting on the Beater The Posies Engineer
1993 In Utero Nirvana Engineer, Assistant Engineer
1993 Pond Pond Engineer
1993 Vs. Pearl Jam Assistant
1991 Badmotorfinger Soundgarden Mixing
1991 Temple of the Dog Temple of the Dog Mixing
Because Of Winn-Dixie [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Engineer, Recording
Beyond The Edge Slipfish Photography