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In 1999, Philippine vocal group Wiseguys released Wiseguys. The group consists of four members, all of who sing. The instrumentation is provided by session musicians. The music of Wiseguys is centered in vocal harmony, some of which is reminiscent of 1950's American doo wop. The group usually has one member singing lead vocals, while the other members provide silky backing harmony, often weaving stirring vocal patterns throughout the songs or providing the response to the lead singer's "call." The lead singer per track isn't identified, but it's obvious that the members take turns handling lead vocals.

Eleven of the 12 songs are slow, but the songs are distinct enough to not lose their identity, as what often happens when all songs on an album are slow. Nonetheless, it wouldn't hurt to have more fast numbers. Also helping to keep the album from becoming monotonous is the inclusion of four international numbers, which are performed in wondrous ways. The foreign remakes are of "Light and Shade," "Promise," Stevie Wonder's "Too Shy to Say," and Madonna's "Crazy for You." The rendition of "Promise" is beautiful. The song opens on captivating acoustic guitar, and the vocals start on deep bass, handing off to a wondrous tenor. The song's melody is beautiful, and the closing measures are sung in stunning a cappella. Stevie Wonder's "Too Shy to Say" is sung entirely a cappella and sounds very reminiscent of 1950's street corner doo wop. There are a number of impressive performances on this album, including the renditions of the Philippine compositions. Still, more upbeat numbers wouldn't hurt.

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