Smart Apple

Valley of the DogZ

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On Valley of the DogZ, Smart Apple gives the listener an opportunity to experience the multiple styles of music that have been creative influences. Teddie Tapawan does all vocals and plays all of the instruments on the album -- guitars, bass, and drums -- with the exception of one song, "Doin' Nothin'," which has a blues and country-rock quality and features the Mac Brothers: Bob Wagers, guitars; John Kirincic, bass; Frank DePeder, drums; and Harpie, harmonica. This song gives the listener a chance to experience Tapawan doing only vocals, supported by a full band, instead of the usual one-man band format. The song aptly displays that, whether Tapawan performs with a band or alone, the quality of the music suffers in no way. The tight sound of the music is maintained on all of the songs throughout the entire album, from the reggae groove of "I Drank a Lot Today" all the way to the other side of the musical spectrum with the rap-rock drive of "Valley of the DogZ." With each new album that Smart Apple puts out, one can feel the maturity materializing in the new compositions. The material selected for each song on Valley of the DogZ explores a different style. This serves to display the multi-dimensional capabilities of the amazing artist behind Smart Apple, Teddie Tapawan. Smart Apple comes at a time in music history when radio stations are swamped with submissions from a slew of independent labels, and an album like Valley of the DogZ could be fated to fly under the radar as a result. However, Smart Apple has made a wise choice with the selection of various styles of music on Valley of the DogZ, and maybe this will be enough to get the album noticed in today's competitive music world. Time will tell, but for now Valley of the DogZ is an excellent selection for anyone looking for music filled with spicy variety.