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Unearthed Liverpool Cult Classics, Vol. 2

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The Viper label returns with another sixteen tracks dug up from the last quarter century or so of Liverpudlian past. Like its predecessor, this is a grab bag of greats and barely remembered, unreleased and still available goodies, and if anything more diverse than it's predecessor.

No Las this time around, but Mike Badger's The Onset do offer up an unabashed love song in their stead. The Teardrop Explodes are here in all their live glory, an early line-up of Deaf School offer up the decidedly bouncy and bizarre "Ding Dong", Judge Dread without the innuendoes or reggae, while Bunnymen Pete de Freitas finally accounts for that extended lost weekend with The Sex Gods, and well spent it was. The Cherry Boys make a welcome return with their UK indie Top Ten hit, while Palais De Sand's track appropriately graced a wildlife documentary.

Then there's a host of names that will mean little beyond the city limits, Telefone thrash mightily, The Moondogs look back to the days of The Cavern, while The Last Chant head towards Asia (the continent, not the band), and a clutch of groups show off their psychedelic skills, with Wild Swans' Paul Simpson to the fore with the dream pop "Astral Girl". The sleeve notes helpfully put bands and tracks in perspective, and are filled with interesting info nuggets. Not just for archivists, the Unearthed compilations are a window into a musical world quite unlike any other.