Undisclosed Files: Addendum

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Hawkwind are, in many respects, the sort of icon in England that the Grateful Dead are in the United States -- they've been ploughing on for 25 years, have weathered personnel changes and calamities galore, have had literary connections and all kinds of spin-offs and come equipped with a fan subculture that never sloughs off. There's also a bewildering amount of material available from them, much of it recorded live (and much of the live material itself is extremely variable in terms of quality). Undisclosed Files -- Addendum is yet another live collection, this time excerpting concerts from 1984 (tracks 1-6) and 1989 (7-11). Thankfully, the assemblage this time veers away from the usual Hawkwind warhorses -- well, almost, as "Ghost Dance" does get trotted out again, courtesy of the 1984 section. The album doesn't include "Master of the Universe," "Born to Go" or "Silver Machine," and I'm not about to protest the absence of any of them. Instead, you get an excellent version of "Ejection" along with a cheerfully lunatic "Orgone Accumulator," an excellent version of "Dragons and Fables," and an assorment of other Hawkwind numbers that don't pop up quite so often.

It's unlikely that we really needed another live Hawkwind collection, but as these things go, it's on the quality end of the spectrum, and makes a nice pairing with an album such as California Brainstorm.

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time
1 5:22
2 7:11
3 7:00
4 5:10
5 5:10
6 4:24
7 4:29
8 6:47
9 3:19
10 3:52
11 5:36
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