Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi

Try Again for Japan

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Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi has been recording for close to 40 years (and over 40 albums) prior to Try Again. Like some of his heroes in American rock, he experiments with his sound as he continues. On Try Again, he keeps his trademark vocal style (coarse, intentionally gravelly), but tries out elements of both American and Japanese rock along the way. This is subtle, not a specific goal for the album necessarily, but individual songs can display recent Dylan-like grooves intermingled with Unicorn-like breaks. He dabbles with folk songs; he briefly touches on grandiose oarsman chants. Throughout it all, though, he keeps a strong hold on his sound, tying the wildly differing pieces together by force of personality and vocal form. It's a very nice return for Nagabuchi, just as good for curious newcomers as old fans.