Michèle Bokanowski

Trios Chambres d'Inquietude

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This obscure recording dates from 1976 and is issued on CD in 2001 on the avant-garde label Elevator Bath, who does a fantastic job in packaging and design for this curious experimental electronic music. Mechele Bokanowski worked with delicate and small noise, and using tape loops constructed a dark ambient music from the sounds of everyday life. On the introductory piece, a child's laughter is transformed into melodic patterns which in turn dissolve into a rhythmic pattern that fades into a suspended silence. The CD is constructed as one piece, which explores varying textures and approaches to a sound art that focuses on small details. Sparse ambient drones bridge passages of repetitious sound of percussive origin, and the composer exploits the ambience of the recording environment to a large degree -- giving a distinctive color to these pensive electro-acoustic studies. Moments verge on the threshold of audibility, a blurry affected silence from which primitive electronic inventions appear and dissolve. In many ways this recalls the work of Organum, AMM, or even Nurse With Wound, and the album is all too short to fully expand its vague ideas into solid pieces.