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The minimalist design of the Meme label sees all of their CDs packaged in way that cannot help but reference the Beatles polemic when devising the White Album in their uniform blank white sleeves. Even Spinal Tap's Black Album comeback makes their minimalism seem like a joke rather than a functional label identity schema. With their second release however, Sukora take those minimalist sentiments to an extreme in their music as well, making Tower either an extremely philosophical rhetoric on improvisation, experimental music, and the avant-garde or an equally decisive joke. Interpret as you will, but as a note of caution it must be said that this album contains little more sonic matter than sparing scrapes of what sounds like a microphone buried in sand while veils of dust are sprinkled on a tape recorder in the adjacent room. Hence, this recording will either make one re-think music as we know it or re-evaluate one's import CD budget for that matter. The Japanese Onkyo movement is a turn of the century genre that revels in the absolute extreme of minimalism, and Sukora are subscribers to the movement, along with Sachiko M, Toshimura Nakamura, and the post-Y2K work of Otomo Yoshahide.