Udo Kasemets

Timetrip to Big Bang, Big Bang and Back

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Subtitled "A sonic celestial voyage from here and now to the end of the universe and from the beginning of time a sonic cosmological journey to here and now," this music attempts, quite literally, to describe in electro-acoustic sound the ultimate trip (at least as far as science can conceive). "Part One: Astronomics" "is based on the premise that when we look at the night sky, we see TIME...in Part One we travel from EARTH and NOW...at ever-accelerating speed until we arrive at the limit of the universe where there is NOTHING ON THE OTHER SIDE: NO SPACE, NO TIME." (Kasemets, his emphasis). In "Part Two: Big Band or Turning the TimeGlove Inside Out," in order to return "we take our imaginary glove of time -- the five fingers... pointed...to the five phases of our trip (via the moon, the planets, the comets, the stars and the galaxies) -- and turn it inside out...(to) follow time's forward motion through five phases of cosmological evolution." The concluding "Part Three: Chaosmosis" "...charts the course of the emergence of cosmic life from the beginnings of nuclear evolution through the pivotal fusions of the chemical evolution to the structuring of the DNA double-helix and the formation of the protein chain. Quite a program (!) but it is achieved through a thorough-going structural minaturization of the stages of the journey, and by use of deceptively simple musical means." This is a piece to study in detail.