Ronny Heimdal


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Multiple listens to Timequake by this Norwegian fusion band are apt to leave you very impressed and delighted. The musicianship and compositions on this release are fusion bliss. Of course, there are loads of jazz fusion, but there are bits of metalloid progressive rock as well. Many very wonderful things are happening here. If you dig Allan Holdsworth, Tribal Tech, and the unknown fusion of Houston, TX-based Stratus or the Far East's Kenso, then do find Timequake. The songs are not mere structures for guitar wankery, but hold up as songs that happen to feature virtuoso fretwork coupled with very competent keys and assorted synth embellishments for great atmospherics. After 13 tracks of excellence, you will begin to be amazed at the cohesiveness of Heimdal's creative download onto this CD. Heimdal rips it up on guitar, synth keys, and programming. The bass work and drums are also very tight and pro all the way. This is one very hot trio of guitar-driven fusion excess! There are quiet moments and dreamy sections, but all roads lead to high-energy chops and technically precise crunch amidst many a tornado of notes. Heimdal even pays a tribute to soundtrack music from the sci-fi adventure flick The Fifth Element.