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The ThirtySixTwentyFive single, which actually lasts around 35 minutes, is Four Tet's most ambitious project so far. Four Tet is comprised of Fridge member Kieran Hebden, who often uses spare Fridge material to incorporate into his DJ mixes. The vinyl edition of the single is pressed as a double album, but the second side of each album is blank, thus, allowing DJs to mix the two together simultaneously. The music is more haunting and abstract than the other Four Tet releases. Whereas the full length "Dialogue" and the other singles have a consistent, catchy sound, "ThirtySix" explores straight-ahead beats, voice overs, background noise (the sound of a ambulance siren creeps in and out all through the album), and sampling. There is an initial theme repeated throughout, but by the end of the song it has morphed into something completely different. Perhaps the best way to describe "ThirtySix" is not as dance oriented as other Four Tet material; it's more experimental without being completely abstract. Hebden is able to incorporate a variety of sounds within one 35-minute piece without bombarding the listener with too many noises. This might not be the best introduction to Four Tet, but rather an extension and experimentation with previous themes.