Death Threat

The Return

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Rapper Beware left the Philippines after releasing an album and went to Sacramento, CA, where he recorded another album and returned to the Philippines in 1998 to release it. The album is called, appropriately enough, The Return. The album is credited to Death Threat, of which Beware is the leader. A number of songs exhibit a strong black American influence, which is to be expected considering the album was recorded in the U.S. "Manila-Killa," for example, takes its cue from violent gangsta rap and talks about settling matters with guns. Not all songs are violent, though. For example, Beware has the scent of a woman in his blood, and on "Babae Ay Minamahal" (Girls Are Meant to Be Loved), he tells how a woman should always be treated with kindness and respect. On "Can U Feel Me," he talks about the respect he has for his mother, who raised him without a father, adding that the best way to repay his mother's love is to be a good person. The instrumentation and musical presentation throughout the album are highly professional, and "Kamusta Na"(How Are You?), for example, contains jazzy piano fills heard amidst a soulful ambience, enhanced by a soulful, melodic phrase sung by a female guest singer in the background. The rap presentation on some songs tends to get redundant, however, particularly the songs that feature rapid, virtually undecipherable rapping about a number of topics in the same song that have nothing do with each other, as heard on "Heated," "Philippines Most Wanted," and "Kickin Lyrics IV."