The Raunchy Young Lepers

The Price of Apathy

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Even a band as ridiculous as the Raunchy Young Lepers had to have a low point, and The Price of Apathy is it. While each of the other albums the band did had its share of indifferent songs, there was always something like a "Sex Slave Auction" to liven things up. Here, the first signs of actual performance ability, however stilted and weak, showed up, but perhaps by means of exchange a lot of the sheer silliness and laughable cretinism of earlier works disappeared. Part of this revolves around a little too much pretension in the group -- somebody decided a deadly, long musical interpretation of "The Raven" would be a good idea, and so a deadly 12-minute version of Poe's classic poem of angst and despair gets the Leper treatment. Compared to any number of '70s prog rock monstrosities, this at least has the Lepers' still questionable musical skills to laugh at, along with Dr. Pain's sing-song lead vocals, but still, in a word, dull. The fault undoubtedly lies with the Goat-Boy, as much of The Price of Apathy sounds like his desire to make Deep, Serious Metal Music finally got the better of him. The results, naturally, are laughably bad, but instead of the car-crash-level appeal of their other albums, the Lepers here just sound awfully boring. The opening, equally endless trudge of "Medea Overture," an instrumental that comes from nowhere and goes nowhere, sets the unwelcome mood which the rest of the album continues. Even a remake of an earlier Goat-Boy high point, "Show Me Your Lobotomy Scar," sounds fairly tame for all his breathless yelling; similarly Dr. Pain doesn't sound like his heart is fully in the abuse and pornography of "Dear Mr. President." There are moments of semi-glory scattered throughout -- after all, who could resist a song titled "Pygmies Eat Goats"?

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