The Longest Wait

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On The Longest Wait, Michigan's Galicja extended the ambient and experimental sound that began with the band's debut 10-inch vinyl debut, Blocking Your View. The disc starts off with an intricate acoustic guitar line by Aaron Warshaw on "Beauty Lies," which is soon blended with Megan Morrill's cello and Teri Williams' bass. The song is mildly abrasive, yet it retains a poignant and relaxed quality throughout the instrumental, which is unique. Warshaw's composed and deliberate vocals make their first appearance on "As If I Wanted." Morrill and Williams make vocal appearances on the song as well. Morrill's cello and accordion duties on the album set the band's music apart from most bands. Their unique sound garnered the band many fans in the Detroit art/experimental scene. The combination mixes well on "Heart of Glass" and "Just Let Go," with Warshaw's somber vocal tones swimming over Morrill's gentle cello strokes. The band takes a break from its usual slow-motion pace on the lively "A Smile," by far the most festive track on the disc. Organ and hand-claps create an upbeat and dynamic song. Not coincidentally, it was also the last song Galicja performed live, during their final show at Detroit's Gold Dollar in May 2000. The mood quickly returns to the band's signature sound on "The Fall," although the song does include various tempos, and a series of echoing backing vocals. The collection ends with a collage of sounds on the contemplative "Why Are You Waiting?," which includes guest musician Eric McLand on drums and organ. The simple and stark songs on The Longest Wait were recorded in 1998 and 1999 at Detroit's Ghetto Studios by producer Jim Diamond. The band disbanded the following year in 2000, not long before the tragic passing of drummer Sarah Zeidan.