Empty Hats (Not Hand)

The Hat Came Back

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They've changed their name and moved to a home base in Tampa, FL; however the Empty Hats, formerly Double Indemnity, are indeed back. "The Hat Came Back," the title song from their debut under the new name, is a fast-paced, fun song about what happens to a man who comes home after drinking late. And although the title closely resembles the eerie song "The Cat Came Back," this is quite a different and much more pleasant tune, with an amusing twist at the end, much to the drinker's delight. "Cyrus in the Moonlight" is about ghosts, yet it's a peaceful communing with spirits, and not fearful at all -- quite beautiful, in fact. Actually, what may haunt listeners about this one is the desire to hear it again, as it well merits repeat play. "Beggars to God" is a lovely rendition also with gentle harmonies on the choruses and pleasing fiddle work from guest artist Felipe de Souza. "If It's a Rose" is kindly advice to the lovelorn singer from the experience of an older man. They do lilting instrumentals as well, on the "Up a Tree" set, and it makes for an enjoyable addition to the album. This is a melodious addition to the Celtic genre, and listeners who enjoy The Hat Came Back may also want to look for Cows in the Castle and Soul of the Wild Seed, their earlier Double Indemnity releases.