Big Boys

The Fat Elvis

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Released in conjunction with The Skinny Elvis, Fat Elvis compiles the later Big Boys releases -- Fun, Fun, Fun, Lullabies, and No Matter -- in one handy disc. As with its counterpart, the sound is perfect, the release notes thorough, and the reproductions of the original sleeves welcome. Also in common with Skinny, the best extra fun comes from the liner notes and archival photos. Offering up praise and recollections this time around are, among others, L.A. punk scenester Pleasant Gehman, Steve Albini (combative as always, but unreserved in his Boys worship), Jay Robbins, Sooyoung Park, and Skatemaster Tate. The latter offers a particular funny, brief story about seeing the young Red Hot Chili Peppers open for the Big Boys, dismissing them as "some kind of joke band" -- not too far off an assessment, frankly. Butthole Surfers drummer King Coffey tells the lead tale, enthusiastically explaining the Boys' importance to the early Austin, TX punk scene and how the Surfers benefitted from the Boys' help in adding them to bills and providing practice space. The photos cover everything from promo shots, in-studio snaps, live craziness (one pair shows the Boys on stage with Flipper covering Rick James' "Superfreak"), and a slew of flyers. A last mention at the end of the booklet describes the band as "the highest common denominators," well-deserved and accurate praise for a wonderful group.

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