18 Wheeler


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The first single, "Nature Girl," promised better than this. Not because it's so bad. This post-Byrds (country phase)/Gram Parsons-ish country-rock tune is pleasant enough in an innocuous sort of way, but Velvet Crush has a few cuts that do this eons better, and besides, it sounds trad as in bad, instead of wired and inspired. Furthermore, the lap-steel is an instrument that can bring one near to tears when used effectively, but here and on the B-side "Yer Eyes" (not the House of Love song, despite similar spelling) it sounds too happy-go-lucky, too wan and pale, and skip-de-loo to do anything but conjure up bad memories of Poco. Come track three, "Falling Out of Love," the band returns to the Eugenius or Teenage Fan Club sound it showed on the last single's B-sides, but this is no "Starsign" or anything. Lastly, "Some Things Last a Long Time" is a pretty piano tune with a less distracting lap steel whose vocals aren't quite beautiful enough to match, despite an admirably puissant attempt. Back to the drawing board.