She's a Star [CD3]

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James' She's a Star (CD#3) adds three remixes, two of the title track and one of "Come Home" from Gold Mother, to make for a dance-oriented release of the single. The first track should be familiar fans of the band. "She's a Star" is a pretty, soaring ode built on fuzzy guitars and Tim Booth's fragile vocals, taken from the band's Whiplash album. Andrew Weatherall's remix of "Come Home" might best be called jubilent. Electronic horn sounds declare the song's presence, and the track doesn't let up from there. Weatherall has proven his production skills time after time, creating excellent moments for quality bands ranging from Primal Scream to One Dove. "Come Home" is like an exuberant dub version of its earlier self, with shuffling keyboard sounds warping the original song into the atmosphere. Weatherall uses Booth's vocals only when necessary and to a quality effect. Dave Angel doesn't match Weatherall's interesting additional productions with his dated remix of "She's a Star." Angel employs a tech-step kind of drum'n'bass that aged badly almost immediately upon its release. The song sounds like something anyone with some experience could put together on a home computer or an inexpensive sampler mixer. His cut-and-paste manipulation of Booth's vocals is quite monotonous and rather lazy. Geir Jenssen makes Angel seem like Bach after one listens to the artist's remix of the title track. The track is listed as "Andrea's Biosphere Mix" due to some utterly criminal sample of an eight-year-old girl playing a keyboard. Jenssen repeats key moments from Booth's vocals ad infinitum before eventually unleashing the keyboard sample. The joke seems to be that the young girl is the "she" in Booth's "She's a Star." It's not a funny joke, and it might be cute for only one or two listeners. It's amazing that the band and its label decided the remix was worth releasing, as it seems more like an insult or an in-joke than something that any listener could ever enjoy. Two other editions of the single were released. CD#1 includes two live performances of songs from the band's early days. CD#2 includes three excellent, emotional B-sides. This edition is only worth a look Andrew Weatherall's exuberant remix of "Come Home"; the other tracks are to be avoided at all costs.

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