Suzana Tostes

Sessão Dupla/Novas Bossas

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Is there a genre called "bossa nova"? No, according to João Gilberto, who always defended that what he played was just samba. As evidence of such affirmation, it is enough to examine the work of bossa's main proponents of the first hour: Johnny Alf, Tom Jobim, and Gilberto himself, establishing positively that they have very little in common, each one developing his own style with no regard for such thing as a "school." Nevertheless, that didn't prevent many others from joining the bossa wave, and even penning songs that remain "bossa nova classics." The immortal prestige of the genre that never was continues to be celebrated today, and this release is another example of it. With their pleasant voices, the siblings Suzana e Bob Tostes present an agreeable collection of Brazilian pop songs with all the expected performance clichés of the "genre." What makes the work unique is the decision to leave out the classics, with the sole exception of "Desafinado" (Tom Jobim/Newton Mendonça). In their place are two medleys of contemporary pop songs like "Deixa Chover" (Guilherme Arantes), "Nada Por Mim" (Herbert Vianna/Paula Toller), "Mania de Você" (Rita Lee/Roberto de Carvalho), "Coisas do Brasil" (Guilherme Arantes/Nelson Motta), as well as Caetano Veloso's compositions ("Certeza da Beleza," "Luz do Sol," "Você é Linda," "Lindeza"). Some tunes by Roberto Menescal are also included ("Abraço Vazio," "Sessão Dupla," "Contemplação"), Djavan ("Beiral"), Lô Borges ("Com Você"), and others, each and every one in bossa flavor. The interpretations provide for a pleasant and carefully produced album that will be appreciated by lovers of the genre in its easy pop modality, with the well-intoned voices of Suzana and Bob Tostes; the participation of excellent musicians Roberto Menescal, Jane Duboc, Cliff Korman, and Juarez Moreira; and the competent arrangements tailored by the likes of Roberto Menescal and Juarez Moreira.